How to get the most out of the gym

Easy ways to beat gym boredom

Even the most avid gym-rat sometimes flags. This may be because of boredom or a lack of results. Here are some ideas on how to inject life back into your routine.

Check your workout personality

Prefer a slouch on the couch to a workout at the gym? It could be the fault of your workout personality. Here are a couple of ways to fix it, and crack that apathetic habit.

10 nasty gym habits

The gym has at least 10 unwritten rules. If you don't know what they are, you could be driving other gym users crazy. And that includes the hulk in the corner with the dumbbells.

Gym dropout

You were a regular at the gym. Then you had a bout of flu and had to stay away. You lost some muscle tone and all your motivation. Now you're avoiding exercise. What's to be done?

6 signs of gym addiction

You don't have to be in the gym all day, every day, to be considered 'obsessed with the gym'. These are the signs that may indicate an unhealthy relationship with the gym.

Could you be a gym pest?

How well do you know the unwritten rules of the gym? Could you be irritating that hefty weight-trainer in the corner?

A tour of the gym

Sculpted bodies, shiny machines, pounding music. It can all be a little intimidating. It needn't be.

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