Updated 30 September 2016

Working out in the concrete jungle

There may not be any beaches for running or mountains to climb, but Johannesburg still offers a great variety of exercise options to keep you fit.


Big city living can be stressful, and one of the best ways to relieve this stress is through exercise. But if you’re not the big-gym type, what options are there in the concrete jungle for people who want to exercise?

With a lack of open spaces, living in a big city does have its drawbacks, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to exercise outside a gym.

Try a few of these options and decide which one you enjoy the most – and make every weekend an active one.

Try these for size:


There are many bootcamp offerings in Joburg. They usually run in four-week cycles, which means you’re not tied to a long-term contract if you decide it’s not for you. 

Check out Adventure Bootcamp, Urban Fitness or Bootcamp SA


Outdoor gym

Working out has never been more accessible since the City Of Johannesburg erected free outdoor gyms across the city. Check out their website for a list of the outdoor gyms so that you can find the one closest to you.


Outdoor yoga

Check out Yoga Works and find out where their next yoga session will be. Locations have varied from a building rooftop to local dams – and even some stand-up paddling on Emmarentia Dam.


Jump around 

Release your inner child and head to BounceInc in Midrand or Pretoria, and spend a few hours jumping around on a dozen different trampolines inside a giant arena. 


Indoor climbing

For a full-body workout for those not afraid of heights, CityRock Johannesburg offers 2 000 m² of high wall climbing with rope anchors, automatic belay walls, 500 m² of bouldering as well as a dedicated beginners’ climbing area to get you started.


Join a club

Whether you’re into cycling or running, or even walking, there are numerous clubs you can join, along with like-minded people. It's not only a great motivation to keep going, but a good way to meet people with whom you share a common interest. You can also compete and share tips with them.


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