Updated 01 January 2019

5 best workout stories to motivate you for 2019

Want to start a new exercise regime in 2019? We point you in the right direction.

If you have a new pair of trainers or workout gear begging to to be used in 2019, but have no idea where to start, don’t despair.

We rounded up five workout stories that will motivate you to get that workout regime started:

1. The 15-minute workout you can do in your lunch break

We hear you and we understand – time is scarce, especially when you need to hit the ground running at the office. Not all workouts need to be long sessions. This comprehensive 15-minute workout can be done during your lunch break or in the evening before you start preparing supper.

2. 6 ways to beat the heat

If you’ve signed up for a fitness goal in the new year, such as a half-marathon, now's the time to slowly start training. The heat might, however, not be your friend out on runs. Here are some tips on how to work out when it's hot, and health tips you should remember before venturing out for a run in the sun.

3. 10 essential strength exercises you should be doing

Tired of arriving at the gym, simply hitting the treadmill for 20 minutes and not knowing what else to do? This article is the perfect compilation of strength exercises you should be incorporating into your regime, whether you are training for a race or simply want to get into shape.

women in fitness class

4. 3 workouts that are better than running

Not everyone enjoys running, and that’s okay. If your knees take strain during a run, or if the thought of a half-marathon makes you wilt, there are other workouts that can help you torch kilojoules and get toned in all the right places. And even if you are a runner, but arrive home late, or it’s simply too hot to venture outside, you can still benefit from these three workouts.

swimming backstroke

5. 7 things that happened to my body during my first marathon

Planning on signing up for your first marathon (a distance of 42.2km)? There are some things you should know beforehand – that don’t only involve a proper training plan and nutrition hacks. Health24 writer Marelize Wilke shares the experience of her first marathon – the good, the ugly and the comical.

women running a race

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