22 July 2018

Use this workout plan to master the superman push-up in under a month

Few body-weight moves are as impressive as this one, which has you briefly taking flight – just like the man of steel. We're talking about Superman.


Few body-weight moves are as impressive as this one, which has you briefly taking flight – just like the man of steel. You can do it: Follow our five-week plan to lift-off.

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Backup plan: Strong middle-back muscles will help you elevate your arms. Keep doing prone Supermans.

In a row: Use dumbbell rows to build the strength you’ll need to pull your arm backwards.

Butting edge: Your glutes help elevate your legs in flight. Train them with three sets of 10 glute bridges.

Before starting week one, do one set of 10 explosive push-ups, pushing your hands off the floor on each rep.

Week 1:

Do clap push-ups: At the top of the move, push off the floor and clap your hands together; descend.

Day 1: 5 sets of 6

Day 2: 5 sets of 6

Day 3: 5 sets of 8

Day 4: Prone Supermans. Lie on your belly, arms extended forward. Lift your legs and arms. That’s one rep; do five sets of 10.

Day 5: 5 sets of 10 claps

Day 6: 5 sets of 12

Day 7: Test – do 15 straight clap push-ups. Can’t? Re-do week 1.

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Week 2:

Move on to shoulder-slap push-ups, slapping your shoulders with both hands at the top of the rep.

Day 8: 5 sets of 4

Day 9: 5 sets of 4

Day 10: 5 sets of 6

Day 11: Prone Supermans. Five sets of 10

Day 12: 5 sets of 6 shoulder-slap push-ups

Day 13: 5 sets of 8

Day 14: Test – complete 10 shoulder-slap push-ups, back-to-back. Not there yet? Week 3 again.

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Week 3:

Do hands-flying push-ups, extending your arms forward at the top of each rep before descending.

Day 15: 4 sets of 3

Day 16: 4 sets of 3

Day 17: 4 sets of 4

Day 18: Prone Supermans, this time holding for 2 seconds. Do 4 sets of 8.

Day 19: 4 sets of 6 hands-flying push-ups

Day 20: 4 sets of 6

Day 21: Test – perform 1 set of 8 hands-flying push-ups. Can’t? Try week 3 again.

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Week 4:

Do full-body explosive push-ups, “jumping” your whole body off the floor on each rep.

Day 22: 3 sets of 2

Day 23: 3 sets of 2

Day 24: 3 sets of 3

Day 25: Prone supermans, holding for 2 seconds, 4 sets of 8.

Day 26: 3 sets of 4 full-body explosive push-ups

Day 27: 3 sets of 4

Day 28: Test – do 5 full-body explosive push-ups. Missed it? Repeat week 4.

Week 5:

Day 29: Superman push-up. Lower your body, then explode into the air. Extend your arms; squeeze your glutes. Land. Reset. Smile.

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