08 December 2018

These are 4 of the best fat-burning workouts

Here's how the pros keep their bodies lean.

Looking for the best fat-burning workouts? Here’s how the pros keep their bodies lean. Choose the regime that best suits you and get cracking…

1. Cardio for the win

“Most definitely pure cardio. Sweat, sweat, sweat! Boxing, cycling, running and keeping that heart rate up.” – Dayna Nienaber, pro motocross racer

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2. Gym class

“I can never push myself as hard as an instructor does, so doing a class is at the top of my list for fat burning.” – Michelle Hayward, pro kite surfer

3. Tabata

“My fat-burning workout’s layout will usually be time-based – so either Tabata or rounds for time – so that I’ll have just enough rest in between to lower my heart rate and then go again.” – Hanneke´ Dannhauser, champion obstacle course racer

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4. High-intensity training

“Besides my javelin programme, I also do boxing, CrossFit and S.W.E.A.T. 1000 and when my programme is not too full, AMPT (a gym in Joburg that focuses on high-intensity interval training). These are very high intensity cardio workouts and I burn a lot of kilojoules during each session.” – Sunette Viljoen, Olympic javelin thrower

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