Updated 20 January 2016

How FitKey gym membership works

The FitKey gym membership takes the tedious routine out of daily exercise by giving its members access to classes at different gyms across South Africa.

FitKey is the new gym membership that allows South Africans to pay one membership fee and have access to the gym fitness studio that suits their mood.

Members get to choose from over 160 gym locations and more than 6000 classes per month - these include CrossFit, bootcamp, boxing, spinning, yoga, zumba, pilates, aqua-fitness and kickboxing.

“FitKey gives you the freedom to train and move your body in different ways so that you never get bored with your workout again,” says Evan Walther, co-founder of FitKey.

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This style of gyming was inspired by the Cape’s two fastest-growing industries – exercise and technology - and adds a social element by allowing people to try new things and meet different types of people.

“The trend towards group classes is only natural. We're social animals, from our hunting and gathering origins to playing team sports at school. It's only recently that going to the gym and training by yourself has become popular or even an option, and it's already losing ground,” says Walther.

“Science shows that people who sign up for a class are far more likely to show up for and complete their workout, and have more fun doing it,” he adds.

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Health24 Editor and FitKey member Laura van Niekerk says, "I’ve spent thousands on gym memberships in the past, without ever really going. One of the reasons was being bored with the standard options gyms offer. FitKey allows me to be way more flexible, and I also get to meet new people. Right now I love the new map and the fact that new workout places are added all the time. It’s like Uber for exercisers. Love it!"

FitKey member Laura Newnham adds that training at different studios helped her to remain excited about exercising.

“I like that FitKey gives you access to all types of classes. My biggest problem is that I get bored easily but with FitKey you can go to yoga one day, boxing another and even try pole dancing if you’d like! It’s a fantastic concept.”

Tauhira Dean agrees with her fellow FitKey members saying that it challenges you to try those things you thought you couldn't do. "Although I was overwhelmed by all of the options initially, I found the classes that worked best for me and I was amazed at how far I could actually push myself: doing yoga, kickboxing and bootcamp - exercises I never knew I could do."

How to join

A monthly fee of R495 secures your membership, there is also a trial membership available for R250.

FitKey members can book fitness class on the go, through the mobile app or on the FitKey website.

During December 2015 and January 2016, you will only pay only R 300.

**This article might not state the full terms and conditions and Health24 will not be held liable for any details that might not be included in this article, contact FitKey for more.**

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Sources: FitKey, Health24


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