Updated 11 May 2018

Mighty workout tips from ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ star Chris Hemsworth

The 'Thor' actor's active lifestyle is part of the reason he's one of the fittest guys in Hollywood. Take some notes from his Instagram.

There is absolutely no denying that the picture next to the dictionary definition of “jacked-as-hell superhero” is Thor. You know, that guy who’s also sometimes called Chris Hemsworth.

Considering he’s spent the last seven years portraying a superhero on the big screen, it’s understandable that Hemsworth has one of the most amazing physiques in Hollywood.

While some may attribute his body to genetics, his Instagram shows that his lifestyle pretty much guarantees he will stay jacked forever.

Contrary to what one might think, however, Hemsworth doesn’t live in the gym. In fact, the former Men’s Health cover guy has told us there’s a lot more that goes into sculpting those biceps (and abs, shoulders, legs…) of steel than lifting heavy weights.

“I add in a lot of other sorts of movement, flexibility and functional training,” Hemsworth told Men’s Health last year. “I’ll do a ton of boxing or Muay Thai workouts. I surf a ton and I do a lot of yoga, too.”

His Instagram certainly speaks to his variety of training techniques. His active lifestyle includes using his children for resistance training and trying to keep up with his wife, who even he’s admitted is probably in better shape than he is.

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Want to get as ripped as Hemsworth? We used some of our favourite Chris Hemsworth Instagram posts to put together a handy nine-step programme.

Step 1: Make the most of your gym time

Step 2: Practice poolside kung fu technique

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Step 3: Add regular swimming into your routine

Step 4: Punch things

Step 5: Punch heavy things

Gettin ready to fight the Hulk

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Step 6: Get a toddler

The family who trains together, stays together!

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Step 7: Use toddler from step 6 as a weighted vest whenever possible

Step 8: Find something that makes you passionate

Step 9: Hit the basketball court

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