15 December 2018

How to maximise your rest days even when you’re totally wrecked

Me: Wrecked. Also me: Must get my 300 vitality points today.

Rest days: To rest or not to rest? Me: I feel absolutely wrecked. Also me: must get my 300 vitality points today. Sound familiar?

Here’s the low-down on rest days from women whose job it is to be active…

Eat healthily

"Make sure on your off-days that you are actually pumping your weakened body back up for the next round! Even though I’m not working out, I still eat healthily because healthy food equals a healthy body." – Dayna Nienaber, pro motocross racer

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Get outside

"On top of whatever training I do, I also try to go outside for a half-hour power walk every morning. If I don’t go for a walk, I like to go to the gym for some active recovery in the form of foam rolling and stretching. But it’s important to listen to your body. Some days you just need a pure rest day – cheat meals, Netflix and all!" – Michelle Hayward, pro kitesurfer

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Take it easy

"During the week I have an active recovery workout after a hard day of training. That usually consists of swimming, a slow jog or a nice, easy bike ride. I also believe in training six days a week and then resting completely on the seventh day." – Hanneke´ Dannhauser, champion obstacle course racer

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