28 May 2019

Carve muscles of steel with this total body weight plate workout

You don't always need a barbell.

The barbell is a great piece of equipment. It’s highly favoured by gym bros all around the world, and for good reason. Using a barbell is a quick and easy way to build strength while working multiple muscle groups all at once.

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Part of what makes the barbell great is being able to adjust its weight by loading it up with varying weighted plates. Those weight plates, however, make for just as good a workout without the barbell. “The weight plate is an unnoticed piece of equipment,” says personal trainer, Rayhaan Toefy. “People look at it and think it just belongs on a barbell but there are endless variations.”

As a result of how the plate is held during workouts, training with it improves your grip strength. Holding the plate in front of you forces you to engage your core which means you’ll build core strength too.

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Not sure where to start? Toefy’s designed this four move complex weight plate workout that’s good for toning and conditioning your muscles. “Over time the workout will help guys build stamina,” he says.

The Moves:

1. Steering Wheels x 10

2. Ground to Overheads x 8

3. Burpee Jumps onto Plate x 6

4. Atomic Situps x 4

Watch the video below to see how the moves are performed: 

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Weight Plate Workout Instructions:

1. Move from one exercise to the next with little to no rest.

2. Rest for 30 – 45 seconds between rounds.

3. Complete 6 – 8 rounds.

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