12 May 2004

What is Tae Bo?

Rudo Chasakara (21), South Africa’s first certified Tae Bo instructor tells us more about Tae Bo, a new kind of workout.

Tae Bo is a workout for the body, mind and spirit. It is a combination of martial arts, dance, aerobics, boxing and several muscle-conditioning movements. A seven-time World Martial Arts Champion, Billy Blanks, developed Tae Bo about 27years ago.

"It is the first workout of its kind that incorporates so many different workouts from different disciplines into one," writes Rudo Chasakara (21), South Africa’s first certified Tae Bo instructor. She discovered the Tae Bo Fitness programme in 1998 when it arrived on the scene in America. The first infomercial aired in South Africa in 1999. “Meeting Billy Blanks and discovering the enthusiasm that he had to offer in this workout was overwhelming.”

She believes this workout will go a long way to solving people's problems with self-confidence.

So what makes Tae Bo different to other workouts? Because Tae Bo improves your self-confidence while getting you fit. So often people look in the mirror and complain about their physical appearance, but change really comes from within. Tae Bo affects your will, your inner self and your spirit. Get your mental state in order and the body will follow. The truth is that Tae Bo is a challenging workout, but it is a challenge that brings a sense of accomplishment. Once you have finished the workout, you have a greater sense of self-worth and motivation.

T – Totally commit yourself to whatever you do
A – Awareness of your body and self.
E – Excellence, the truest goal in everything you do.
B – Body as a force for total change.
O – Obedience of your desire for accomplishment.

How will the Tae Bo fitness programme benefit you?

  • Greater self-confidence
  • Overall improvement in fitness
  • Increased balance and co-ordination
  • Strength
  • Muscle conditioning and a cardio-vascular workout in one
  • Weight loss
  • Toning
  • And you will have fun while achieving your goal.

Tae Bo exercises are available on video tapes, and also at the Recreational Centre in Kibler Park, Johannesburg.

Should you need to find out more about the Tae Bo fitness programme, contact Rudo Chasakara on 084 602 5460 or (011) 943 4562.


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