14 July 2018

5 easy Pilates stretches that’ll finally sort out your lower back pain

Back pain? Try these five Pilates stretches. Bliss is included.


If you’re like me and suffer the occasional bout of lower back pain, you’ll know that it makes even the simplest task seem monstrously daunting – leaning over the basin to brush your teeth just got serious – nevermind bigger deals like bending down to pick up a sock. Or dropped toast. Peanut butter side down.

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But luck was on my side when the latest back attack hit last week. I’m smack in the middle of a three-month #WHGetsFit winter fitness challenge – and my “sport” of choice is… Pilates. The exercise mecca of alignment and stretching. And bliss, obviously.

Pilates stretches for the pain

So when my next session rolled around and I basically had to be rolled in, I politely begged Pilates Goddess Terry Goodman for some stretches to ease the eina. She obliged. And guys, I swear, these work, so give them a try.

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They’re super-easy and you can do them at home while you half-watch “My Kitchen Rules” or even catch up with Ma on speaker phone.

Note: I’m talking about muscular pain here – if you feel like your ouch is an actual spinal problem, rather check in with your doc before twisting yourself into a position that could make it worse.

1. Thread the needle without movement


2. Thread the needle with movement


3. Diagonal shell stretch


4. Extended puppy/shoulder stretch


 5. Spinal rotation


I’d recommend doing a couple of reps of each every morning. You can do them individually, or string them into your own sequence. Whatever works for you. Your back will thank you.

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