22 August 2011

Kardiosessie BeweegSA, opsie2

Here's another option for cardio training for the BeweegSA challenge.


The cardio exercises will improve your fitness, while the resistance exercises will give your muscles a workout.

The aim is to burn fat, and to look and feel healthier and more toned. The more you exercise, the more fat mass you'll lose.

The good news is that you'll probably lose between 4 nd 8 kg within the 1st 8 weeks!

How a cardio session will work
You will start at a relatively slow pace, gradually increasing the intensity of the exercise - not only from week to week, but also step-by-step during every session.

This means that you'll start every session slowly, and work harder as you walk, jog, row, cycle or climb stairs. During every session and every week you will follow a rhythm of easy, slightly harder pace, easy, harder pace.

For your cardio session, you can literally choose any type of exercise in the gym or outdoors that will increase your heartbeat and make you sweat. You can cycle, walk, jog (indoors or outdoors), row, climb stairs, use the ski machine, or exercise on the stepper at the gym.

You can do the same type of cardio exercise every time, or do a different type of exercise at every session. But don't alternate or interrupt the type of cardio exercise during a single session.

All your cardio sessions will be 20 minutes or 30 minutes (if you do abdominal exercises as well) in duration.

NOTE: Don't eat 45 minutes before or after you exercise.

The table below is an example of what a typical session will look like (cycling is used as an example):


Minute 1 Cycle at a relatively fast (but still easy) pace at 50% intensity
Minute 2 Cycle at 60% intensity
Minute 3 Cycle at 70% intensity
Minute 4 Cycle at 80% intensity
Minute 5-16 Repeat minutes 1, 2, 3 and 4
Minute 17 Cycle at 70% intensity
Minute 18 Cycle at 80% intensity
Minute 19 Cycle at 90% intensity
Minute 20 Cycle at 100% intensity
Minute 21-28 Repeat minutes 1, 2, 3 and 4
Minute 29 Cycle at 90% intensity
Minute 30 Cycle at 110% intensity



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