Updated 18 March 2015

Is pregnant glamour model Sarah Stage too thin?

Sarah Stage, a U.S model claims to be 9 months pregnant but the Instagram photos she posts of her skinny frame have many wondering how it possible for her baby bump to be that small.


A U.S model, Sarah Stage has recently spurred controversy online by regularly posting scantily-clad photos of herself in the ninth month of her pregnancy looking fit and toned but with a tiny baby bump.

30 year-old Sarah, who is based in Los Angeles, has clearly visible, rock-hard abs, a skinny frame and unusually small bump. While she seems proud of her slender frame and many have hailed her as a fitness icon for pregnant women, Sarah's photos have left others wondering whether or not these photos are accurate.

In the first photo below, posted on Instagram on Monday, Sarah states that she is 9 months pregnant and that her baby weighs 6lbs (approximately 2.72 kilograms).

Is it a matter of good photography skills with carefully selected lighting, angles and poses, are the pictures edited to make Sarah's bump appear smaller or is Sarah just unusually fit and slender for this stage of pregnancy as a result of diet and exercise?

Ahh #9months this week ??I can't believe it!! He's already 6lbs and still 4 more weeks to go ?? #BabyJames

A photo posted by ??SARAH STAGE?? (@sarahstage) on

Thanks for shooting my maternity pics @krishphotos #35weeks ?? (TAN: @bondisands )

A photo posted by ??SARAH STAGE?? (@sarahstage) on

When Dr Owen Wiese, Health24's resident doctor first saw the photos, he was skeptical: There are a few possible explanations here. One - she is carrying a very small baby, two - she is not really 9 months pregnant or three -  the pictures went under the Photoshop knife."

Dr. Wiese went on to indicate that it also depends on the woman's body size, including her height, weight and body type prior to pregnancy. The amount of weight gained during pregnancy also differs drastically from woman to woman:

"Expected weight gain during pregnancy is about 1 to 2kg during the first three months, and then approx 0.5kg monthly after that.Any significant weight gain or weight loss should examined by an O & G. Although it is important to stay healthy during your pregnancy, going to the extremes might be harmful for you and your baby. Only an obstetrician that has examined you will be able to say if your “pregnant six pack” is healthy."

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