Updated 07 October 2015

Home gym fails

If you plan on working out at home check out these videos of people who work out at home - and learn from their mistakes.


If you plan on working out at home check out these videos of people who made some valiant attempts to work out at home - and learn from their mistakes. 

Firstly, if you're going to work out at home with a buddy, it's probably a good idea to ensure you have all the right equipment. We're all for getting creative, but these guys demonstrate why it's best to keep home gyms simple and the importance of having a reliable gym-buddy: 

Secondly, if you do invest in some gym equipment for your home gym, it's still just as important to ensure your form and posture is right or you could seriously hurt yourself... just like this poor chap: 

 And lastly, if you're home gym consists of a treadmill, which is a fantastic piece of cardio equipment, it's generally a good idea to only switch the machine on after you get on it and keep it at a pace you can maintain. Otherwise you'll end up like this guy:

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