13 September 2010

Fitness, step by step

Win a ThinQ Pedometer and walk your way into shape for summer.

It's spring, and getting a clear look at ourselves in the mirror may not be the best of experiences. The extra winter kilos simply have to go before we get some (controlled) sunshine on our skin.  While losing unnecessary weight is good for you, getting fit is a better goal and it doesn't have to be expensive or complicate your schedule. 

Think of something practical that you do every day, such as walking, and find a way to turn it into a worthwhile workout.  The people who know tell us that you need to walk at a steady pace for at least 10/15 minutes in order for the exercise to impact your heart rate, which is when it starts to have some aerobic benefit and you start burning kilojoules. 

Fitness for the family

Besides getting rid of stress, toning your body and losing some weight, walking is something that you can do with the whole family.  Even if you're doing it before or after work during the week, there's no reason not to take everyone and the dog with you on a Saturday afternoon.   The goal to aim for is 10,000 steps a day, and to help you measure your strides and how many kilojoules/calories you're burning, we've test-driven the SportlineThinQ Pedometer, which has these features:

•Designed to store in your pocket

•Accurately counts steps

•Measures distance

•Calculates calories burned

•Includes laser-tuned sport timer

Putting it to the test

Health24’s Fitness Editor, Amy Froneman, put the ThinQ to the test during a training run and was pleasantly surprised at the results.

“After running my usual route I was really interested to see if the ThinQ would be able to track my distance and tell me how many kilojoules I had burned during the run. Not only was it easy to set up, it was reasonably accurate and fitted perfectly into my running shorts pocket. It’s very light-weight so I didn’t even notice it was there and, unlike some pedometers, I couldn’t hear the click-click of every step.

“Given that it’s priced more reasonably than most heart rate monitors with similar functions, I think it would be a great addition to anyone who wants to train according to distance or kilojoules burned. That said, it doesn’t only have to be used for running, it is lightweight enough that it can be used for everyday use to track how much walking you do too. So overall I would recommend it as a real investment in improving and tracking your fitness levels.”

Win a ThinQ Pedometer

We're giving away 3 ThinQ Pedometers to lucky users:  see our WIN page for more information.

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(Joanne Hart, Health24, September 2010)


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