10 January 2011

Finding the fittest athlete in Cape Town

The Fittest in Cape Town competition is a gruelling two day event in the fittest athletes will compete in a variety of workouts to determine who is the fittest in the mother city.

Who is the fittest in Cape Town, then? Is it a person that has incredible stamina and endurance, or rather strength and power - or is it something in-between?

The Fittest in Cape Town (FiCT) competition is the ultimate test of fitness.

Similar to the CrossFit Games,
which annually determine the fittest athletes on earth, FiCT is a gruelling two day event in which Cape Towns fittest athletes compete in a variety of workouts in order to determine who is the fittest woman and the fittest man in the mother city.

Training for the unknown

If the workouts/events were known ahead of time, it would be easy just to prepare for these specific exercises. Training for the FiCT competition however, requires more than training for a specific discipline, but rather preparing for any activity that might be required.

It will require being ready for any
physical contingency, in other words, it will require becoming fitter than anyone else. 

The prize worth competing for

Aside from holding the legitimate title “Fittest Woman / Man in Cape Town” there will be cash prizes at stake and FiCT will be an entry point to the CrossFit Games, a competition to determine the person most worth of the title 'Fittest on Earth'.

The top competitors from FiCT will receive sponsorships to participate in the African CrossFit Games qualification and get a chance to qualify for a spot among the fittest athletes as well as compete for the ultimate title of “Fittest on Earth”.


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