02 August 2011

Fight those flabby parts

There are some very common myths about flab that need some clarity and correction, says Dave Giloi of Body Excel Gym.


There are some very common myths about flab that need some clarity and correction, says Dave Giloi of Body Excel Gym.

Women tend to develop flab around the hips and bum as well as underarms, whereas men tend to have the stomach as a problem area.

When men and women find these areas becoming increasingly flabby, the usual reaction is to assume that this is due to muscles losing condition, tightness and shape.

And therefore performing “toning” exercises, targeting those areas is the best response. The misconception is that this is muscle, the truth is that it is an increase in body fat

These areas of fat deposition are genetically predetermined. And no amount of muscle work will change the overlying fat. The muscles underneath may increase in size slightly but will not change in shape or become firmer.

Get rid of fat and firm up

To firm these areas the fat must go and the best and most effective way to do this is to up the cardio exercise and improve the eating. More calorie output and less calorie intake is the only way to improve these areas. Strength training, focusing on the whole body will also increase the metabolism slightly but also make sure that muscles are visible when the fats starts to disappear.

Bearing in mind, also, that you cannot choose where the fat goes, it will decrease throughout the body in a genetically predetermined proportions and speeds.
Sometimes, some areas will remain flabby, while the rest of the body disappears to virtually none. As frustrating as this may be, patience is essential as extreme measures should be avoided.
A proper eating and exercise plan should be followed consistently and given time to see results. Genes play a large role, which can be good and can also work against you. Do not focus on what results other people may get. Focus on getting all aspects right and you will do the best for your own body.

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Source: Dave Giloi, Body Excel Gym, June 2010

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