Updated 31 January 2020

Painmaster Microcurrent Therapy provides drug-free pain relief

SPONSORED: Painmaster is a new, non-invasive, drug-free solution to chronic and acute pain management.

Painmaster Microcurrent Therapy (MCT) provides a safe, non-invasive, drug-free solution to chronic and acute pain management. It uses extremely low-level electrical currents (microcurrents) to treat nerve and muscle pain, inflammation and other health challenges. 

Low-level electrical stimulation for pain relief and discomfort has been used for years by athletic trainers and physiotherapists, however these treatments are normally administered using large machines. 

Painmaster MCT is an innovative system, which delivers 24-hour-a-day relief using electronic patches which can be easily be worn under your clothing.

The patches look similar to those used for electrocardiograms (ECGs) and are applied on either side of the painful or aching area and a very small amount of electrical current flows through the pain centre to the other patch facilitating the healing process and alleviating pain. 

While microcurrent is part of the TENS (transcutaneious electrical nerve stimulation) class, it differs from TENS in that TENS operates at much higher current levels and is used to block pain for short periods of time.  Microcurrent therapy operates at a much lower frequency (hence why you will not feel any tingling or discomfort when using Painmaster) and promotes long term recovery and healing. 

How does it work?

All tissue in the body has its own signature electrical frequency, which provides power for the body, however when an injury or disease occurs, the injured cells resist this microcurrent so that it takes the path of least resistance around the area of injury rather than through it.

This prevents the supply of blood, oxygen and vital nutrients to the injured cells, causing pain and retarding the healing process.

Microcurrent therapy works on the affected pain area, reaching injured cells, potentially restoring and regenerating them to alleviate chronic pain.

Painmaster acts as an external battery, sending the body’s natural microcurrent through the area of injury. Therefore, the effectiveness of microcurrent therapy stems from its ability to closely mimic the human body’s natural current. It acts at the cellular level and helps increase ATP production.  

ATP is the energy that fuels all biochemical functions in the body. It also stimulates protein synthesis, which is necessary for tissue repair. Blood flow is enhanced and inflammation reduced, thereby potentially accelerating the healing process.

Microcurrent therapy has many applications including pain alleviation, wound and tissue healing, reductions of swelling and inflammation, stimulation of soft tissue regeneration, muscle rehabilitation, lymphatic flow and detoxification.

It is ideal for relief from backpain, sciatica, tennis elbow, Fibromyalgia, arthritic disorders, muscle pains, spasms and sports injuries. 
A further benefit of micro-current therapy is that pain and inflammation may be reduced quickly and naturally, thus reducing the reliance on drugs.

Features and Benefits of Painmaster Micro Current Therapy:

• No external power supply needed.
• Can be worn under clothes all day and at night.
• Helps speed up the healing process
• Reduces swelling and inflammation
• Can be used to treat multiple areas of pain
• Releases muscle trigger points
• Improves soft tissue regeneration
• Clinically tested
• FDA Approved
• Non invasive and drug free
• No side effects.
• Natural pain relief
• Wear 3-5 days best outcome

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