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The celeb approach to getting a beach body

Get that body of yours beach-ready! The fittest celebs share their tips.

Summer is just around the corner! Jessica Levitt from Heat magazine takes notes from the fittest celebs to get your body beach-ready.

Summer will be here in a few weeks, and rumour has it that we’re in for a sweltering one. So that means miniskirts and sundresses will be the order of the day. Of course, as excited as we are about ditching jerseys, we're a bit concerned about those hot fudge puddings we scoffed all winter. And there’s no use blaming the new washing powder we tried for shorts that no longer fit – the bulge over the designer bikini we just bought gives the truth away!

But never fear! Our favourite celebrities have come to our rescue. These hotties have all the right tips; from how to get rid of thunder thighs and getting rock-hard abs, to finding an easy exercise regime that won’t fade away. So, banish those stupid diet pills and stay away from the Cabbage Diet – these sensible exercises really work. Without the gas…

Martial artistry

Clinton Brink
Now we know where this Scandal hottie got his sexy body from – Clinton is a staunch follower of Muay Thai. He spends an hour each day perfecting his ring skills, and follows that with a five-to-10km run. Clint also does about 45 minutes of additional training each day. “I do push-ups, tricep dips, squats and sit-ups off a chair.” Wow! Clint also keeps a skipping rope in his bag at all times, so that he can work out whenever he likes. But Clint’s enthusiastic training once landed him in hot water. “I kicked down a punching bag – it nearly fell on a woman! They asked me to leave…”

Tip: “Shape up in two weeks – skip for 45 minutes every day and do 100 push-ups.”

All about a push-up

Daniel Hadebe
The Generations star says that no matter where he is and what he’s doing, he still finds time to train every day, even if it’s a little bit of stretching. Daniel’s work-outs consist of mixed martial arts and a serious number of push-ups, which goes a long way in explaining those biceps! But the ripped actor insists that he doesn’t have a set routine and rather listens to what his body tells him. And when it comes to studying his body and how his muscles look, Dan is just as vain as body-builders. “I don’t get distracted by hot women, but rather by when I spot something not looking as good as it should, like my pecs – then I’ll concentrate on them!”

Tip: “If you want to go for a walk, rather do that than going to the gym at 5am. Too much of the same gym work could see you getting bored and losing interest.”

Racing and cardio

Patrick Dempsey
There’s nothing hotter than a sexy man in a fast car. Well, perhaps a sexy man who’s in great shape in a fast car… And Patrick Dempsey is just that. When the Grey’s Anatomy actor isn’t on-set or working out in the gym, Dr McDreamy can be found sweating off the kilos in his race car. “It’s an escape for me. You forget about everything else, because you have to stay focused for the whole race. And you can’t drift off.” Patrick also incorporates power work-outs and cardio into his routine. And this is often done out in the fresh air with his family. “My physical prowess is waning. I have to stay in shape so that my three-year-old doesn’t kick my ass on the bicycle!”

“If you can do 20 minutes of intense training three times a week, working your entire body, you’ll be well on the way to staying in shape.”

Ball games and boxing

Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria worrying about the shape of her bum? Rubbish! Or so we thought… It turns out the sexy and very toned star is obsessed with her backside. “I worry about gravity taking its toll, and that’s why I work out regularly… Anything for my butt, even if it means daily workouts with loads of cardio.” But it’s also important to keep the workouts varied so that you don’t get bored and are able to maximise the benefits.

Tip: “I do kickboxing one day, cardio work the next day, and weights on another. I also do a bit of yoga, basketball and volleyball. You have to keep your body guessing with exercises.”


Cameron Diaz
Who hasn’t looked at a pic of Cameron Diaz in her famous surfing bikini and been terribly jealous? Ah, who are we kidding – we could never hate the beach honey, although we are super-jealous of that figure. But while she does keep her diet under control (eating lots of high protein meals such as fish and skinless chicken), the blonde bombshell insists that she is naturally thin and makes sure that she doesn’t obsess too much over her weight. “I’d prefer to put on weight rather than lose it. I like women with curves. And I want a big bum.” And while Cam’s looks are down to her great genes, she doesn’t tempt fate, rather keeping busy with other forms of exercise, balancing her routine with something relaxing, such as yoga.

Tip: “I’m very active – I love to surf, play golf and go hiking. It really helps to just be active, and surfing is like a total body work-out. You work every muscle, including your bum, while riding the waves! It’s fantastic.”

Boxing workouts

Bailey Schneider
A self-confessed couch potato, Bailey is hard at work changing her lifestyle and getting healthy. “I went through a patch of trying to find an exercise I enjoy, and I’ve finally found one that also keeps me motivated – boxing!” Bailey says that pumping up the music and seeing yourself getting fit is the ultimate reward. But it’s also important to be comfortable while working out. “I don’t like to feel constrained while I’m training, so I normally wear tights, and a T-shirt or plain training top. And thank goodness for sports bras.”

“Boxing is great, because it gives you a full workout. There is the cardio bit, which gets you really fit, as well as the bouncing around and punching, which tones your arms and legs. It’s a great routine for girls.”

Yoga for flexibility

Buli G
When she’s not in the recording studio, you’ll find Buli on a yoga mat, clearing her thoughts. The former DJ loves the exercise, because you can do it anywhere. “The best thing is that you don’t even need equipment. You can do yoga anywhere, and you become so flexible. Trust me… You discover muscles you never knew you had.” And she doesn’t follow the whole conventional gym flow, either. “I exercise outside as much as possible. My neighbours think I’m a little crazy, and they’re probably right.”

Tip: “Get rid of the bulges with tons of cardio, and throw in massages and lots of water and dry brushing to improve your circulation.”

Dancing and stair-climbing

Liezel van der Westhuizen
If you’ve tuned into SABC3 lately, there’s a good chance you’ll have spotted a really slim blonde presenter. But Liezel admits that her figure is down to hard work, and even when she doesn’t get to the gym, she thinks of other ways to exercise – such as taking the stairs instead of the lift. Liezel also doesn't believe in a set gym routine, and enjoys spicing things up with other types of exercise. “I love trying new things, such as salsa and belly-dancing classes. It keeps things interesting – it’s not as boring as sitting in the gym every day, doing the same boring machines and exercises.”

Tip: “Find something you can do at home or work, such as dancing while you cook, or taking the stairs. Your body is constantly moving, and that helps to tone your bum, legs and tummy.”

(This is an edited extract of a feature published in Heat magazine, September 2008. Get more fascinating views and interviews in the latest issue of Heat, on sale now.)


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