Updated 03 November 2015

Check out Instagram's hottest doctor!

Dr. Mike may be famous on the internet for being a hot doctor, but he makes use of this to inspire selfie at a time!


Look at Dr. Mike. He’s a second-year resident in New York City working towards a board certification in family medicine and is currently ranked as Instagram’s hottest doctor!

With over 800 000 followers, he charms the ladies (and even some guys) all over the world with pictures of his dog, his smart cars and of course his sexy washboard abs.

I know right, his the "whole package", he has the brain, the looks and of course he has an active fitness life too.

Having everything a girl's dream guy should have has contributed to his internet fame on Instagram, however the Russian-born is a humanitarian at heart, making donations to cancer foundations

Scroll through these images... it will leave you smiling for days!

A photo posted by Dr. Mike (@doctor.mike) on

Doctors of the night team ?? #ready #ccu #whyamialwaystheonlyguy? #teamnosleep

A photo posted by Dr. Mike (@doctor.mike) on

And people ask me why I love my job.

A photo posted by Dr. Mike (@doctor.mike) on

Roxy giving me a good luck pound before sending me off to the hospital ?????? #husky

A photo posted by Dr. Mike (@doctor.mike) on

Image from Instagram

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