Updated 09 November 2015

Walk your way to a healthier body

Walking provides enormous health benefits but it's important to make sure that your walking technique is up to scratch.


Don't dismiss walking.

It can provide enormous health benefits such as improving your circulation and cardiovascular function, strengthening your bones, helping to build and maintain muscle mass, and easing stress.

But to maximise the benefits you get from it, make sure that your walking technique is up to scratch.

Take action:

  - Keep your head up, eyes looking forward and focused ahead. Ensure your back is straight, but relaxed.

 - Zip up” your abdominals and squeeze in your gluteal (butt) muscles, this will help you to maintain a straight back.

 - Keep your chest out, your shoulders back, down and relaxed.

 - Let your arms, which are bent at the elbows, swing naturally from the shoulders.

 - Your foot strike action is important. After you land on the outer side of your heel, your foot rolls inwards, which is essential for adequate shock absorption.

 - Beware of pounding your heels down when walking briskly, this generates unnecessary force on your joints.

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Walk your way to fitness
Walking your way to fitness


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