Updated 16 November 2015

7 reasons to train at home

Can't afford a gym contract but need to get in shape? Personal trainer Dave Giloi believes that there are many good reasons to train at home instead of at the gym.


Can't afford a gym contract but need to get in shape? Personal trainer Dave Giloi believes that there are many good reasons to train at home instead of at the gym. Here are seven of his reasons:

1. Avoid the rush

There is nothing worse than paying good money, only to arrive at the gym and all of your favourite machines are taken. Avoid this common problem by training at home. You can build up your favourite machines at home. You will never have to deal with queues for machines again.

2. Save time

Travel time, packing and unpacking clothes, showering at the gym, chatting to mates and getting dragged along to breakfast or coffee all add up and can cost you quite a bit of time out of your busy day. Training at home will cut down much of the wasted time surrounding your workouts.

3. Spend time with the family

Often getting away to the gym is not only difficult when you have a family. Working a normal working day or having kids at school means minimal quality time with the family as it is. Gym work is always first to suffer when family responsibilities increase. It is seen as a negotiable part of your schedule.

Train at home and even involve the kids in your exercise and avoid that problem.

4. Body weight exercise

Sticking to weight machines does not challenge stabilisers or teach the muscles to work well synergistically. They tend not to improve balance or kinaesthetic awareness. Working at home may have its restrictions as far as equipment goes, but that does force you to work with body weight exercises which have some fantastic benefits - injury prevention through brilliant stabilisation work and compound movements.

The challenge for you will to be keep things interesting and varied.

5. Save money

Save monthly gym fees that can add up over time, particularly if you are battling to find time to utilize the gym. Also, save on travel costs as well as the cup of coffee and muffin when you’re done.

6. No posers

There are no posers (other than yourself) when you train at home. No one checking themselves out in the mirror, making a noise or showboating, which to some can be quite distracting and annoying?

7. Lifestyle change

Training at home can set the tone for a healthy lifestyle and environment and encourage activity on a daily basis. Building up gym equipment and turning your fitness into a hobby makes training convenient, where a quick break in the day can mean a short and productive session.

It also encourages family members to get involved; increasing levels of support and promotes healthy living for the whole family. If you work with a trainer, he/she can also evaluate your kitchen cupboard and fridge to see how healthily you are eating.

Conact Dave at 073 427 9499 or email 
(Health24, September 2010)

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