Updated 03 February 2016

7 pole dancing moves to shape your body

Feast your eyes on the bodies of these chiseled pole athletes and learn how their dance moves shape their bodies.


The pole fitness industry has become very popular in South Africa, and it turns out that the sport does more than just boost one's self confidence.

Experts say there are a range of health and fitness benefits linked to this type of dancing, and shaping your figure is one of them!

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Because cardiovascular activity is a key element to pole dancing, it is a great way to improve one's fitness. The moves also improve strength, flexibility, body posture, and blood circulation.

It also serves as a stress reliever and is good for one's mental health.

Shaping up

We asked pole athletes Tarryn Knight, Sherry Bremner and Joanna Pawelczyk from X-Pole SA to show us some popular pole dancing moves and tell us how exactly each position sculpts their bodies.

Although these athletes show the perfected movements in the images below, easier versions of these movements - that target the same area, are available for pole-dancing newbies.

This is how pole dancing can shape your figure:

(To see an enlarged version of the slideshow below, select the 'full screen' option on the icon bar.)

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Sources: X-Pole SA


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