Updated 22 March 2016

What was the 'BeweegSA' challenge (2011)?

The great 'BeweegSA' is a fitness challenge from 2011 – and those who want to follow the programme can still end up showing off their new body on the beach.


BeweegSA is a lifestyle challenge to encourage you to lose weight and get fit. We offer a series of scientifically-based exercise and eating plans which, during the first 8 weeks of the programme, will help you to:

  • Lose at least 4 - 8kg of body fat
  • Lose at least 3cm around your waist or hips
  • Increase your muscle mass (women's muscles will merely become firmer and tighter, while men's muscles will become bigger thanks to their testosterone. Only women who purposely take anabolic steroids will build muscles like a man.)
  • Become fitter and be able to walk or slowly jog at least 2km 
  • Lose a dress or pant size and once again fit into your slim clothes and appear on the beach in your bathing costume

The programme is not an instant solution. You need to put in a bit of time and trouble, but it can change your life.

We also teach you to avoid gaining weight once more over a holiday season, followed by the third part of the challenge: a second 8-week challenge for the new year. Around Easter you will be a new person, having lost up to 16kg.  

The BeweegSA programme:

  • Is for everyone. Men, women, children, friends and families can take part – basically everyone who wants to start exercising again, but hasn't got around to it.
  • Offers a wide choice. You can choose any of the diet or exercise programmes on Health24. You could even lose weight without any exercise if you follow one of Health24's eating plans – but you will lose more weight more easily if you also follow an exercise plan. We will even assist you with home exercises. You have a huge choice: the "Slim-eet ('Eat-clever') BeweegSA"  eating plan, the PlusMinus eating plan, the "Porsieplan-eetplan" ("Portionplan eating plan"), the 10-day eating plan to start you off, or you can join Weigh-Less or Weight Watchers. 
  • Spans 8 weeks, with a breather, and then another 8 weeks' challenge. Research has shown that you can change your body drastically in 8 weeks and that it is enough time to learn a new lifestyle.
  • Starts easily, with a gradual increase in intensity. 
  • Not time-consuming. You only need 20 minutes per day.
  • Easy to follow. There are no complicated instructions or diets, just clear descriptions and illustrations and easy steps to follow. This exercise guide is in fact your "personal instructor".
  • Offers realistic and attainable results. Follow the programme and you will not fail to become fitter and lose body fat and centimetres. 
  • Is sociable. You can do it with your husband, friend, dog or even your tame cheetah. 
  • Offers a new challenge. You can attain a new body and change your life. 
  • May be done outdoors, at home or in a gym. We offer alternative home exercises so that people who are far from a gym are also able to follow the programme. 
  • Contains special notes and adaptations for pregnant women.


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