Updated 08 June 2016

Other exercise options

You may follow the BeweegSA exercise plan, or any other exercise plan. As long as you get moving. Here are a few options.

Other online exercise plans on Health24

There is literally something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned exercisers, for walkers, joggers, cyclists and swimmers. Click here and choose the programme that suits you best. 

1. Run/Walk for Life

This walking/jogging programme is for old and young. It is a gradual programme. There are about 120 RWFL clubs in the country. Click here for more information about RWFL, a club close to you, and/or more information about RFWL. Some medical funds offer a discount to their members.

2. Curves

This exercise club for women is becoming increasingly popular. You can exercise under supervision, and it only takes you about half an hour to complete the exercises. Do you need more information about Curves and a Curves gym in your area? Click here. Here members of some medical schemes can also get discount on membership fees. 

3. Virgin Active gyms

If you want to join a spinning class or prefer aerobics; if you want to exercise with weights or rather swim, join a Virgin Active gym in your area and start off with the programme of your choice. Click here for more information about Virgin Active, a club close to you and how to join. Remember that certain medical funds offer a discount to their members.  

4. Planet Fitness 

This group also offers you a great variety of ways to get fit. Click here for more info about Planet Fitness and how you can exercise at one of their gyms.  

5. Cycle Lab

Do you feel like cycling? Cycle Lab not only sells bicycles and everything associated with cycling, but also offers open-air cycle trips on Saturday mornings in SA's big cities. Try a route that matches your fitness level with a few friends. Click on the link for information about Cycle Lab's the open-air exercise sessions.   


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