Posted by: Tracy | 2003/03/24

Zeena, Queen of the Bungle

Dear Zeena

I think that you participate well in this forum in that you respond frequently to the many heart-rending posts here. The quality of your answers is another matter and I won't comment about them.

I know that you have developed a support base in this forum, evidenced by the vocal support you had when you were last castigated.

I read all the regulars' responses with great interest and I was suprised at you pompous response to the "Mother????" posting by Don.

I, too, have wondered about the standard of grammar used by postees (if there is such a word) but my interest was related to the standard of education vs. the severity of personal problems. I suspect that there is a sociological thesis there somewhere. Perhaps not.

However, I was dumbstruck by your rather imperious request for posters to take more care when posting. How dare you?

In your brief response I counted 11 errors; these range from incorrect use of the ablative, the singular use of the genitive when the plural was correct, incorrect contractions, an instance of a split infinitive and blatant ignorance - or disregard - of the rules for the use of capitals and puntuation. What nerve you have.

In this forum we should concern ourselves with the seriousness of what posters have to say and not snobbishly comment about their use of the english language. How many "typos" (sic) are acceptable to you? How many spelling errors are "rather too many"?

I wonder how Don felt about your advice, such as it was, after being criticised for his (or her) bad english by someone who clearly knows no better. Shame on you.

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Posted by: The Moral Fibre | 2003/03/26

Now, now. Easy does it. The fact of the matter is that Zeena should not have made any sort of comment whatsoever about some poor schmuck's spelling or punctuation. It seems that Zeena, as she so often does, missed the point entirely with regard to Don's original question. Zeena made a damn good effort to make Don appear stupid and she deserves the ridicule.
Case closed - The Moral Fibre has spoken.

Reply to The Moral Fibre
Posted by: Tracy | 2003/03/26

Er, yes, I did catch the joke - since you spotted it it proves that one didn't need more than a half a brain to do so...but I did not want to belabour the spelling error thing - get it? As for my reply being long-winded, are you, too, going to prescribe to people how they should post? You are confusing my courtesy to Zeena - that of a detailed explanation - with desperation.

Anyway, let Zeena defend herself if she feels she needs to. Don't insult her by speaking for her. Again, before accusing me of not reading properly I suggest that you do the same; have the courtesy to spell my name correctly if you are going to have the temerity to castigate me on someone else's behalf.

I wonder what Zeena will think of your poor punctuation, bad grammar and the fact that you leave words out of your sentences? It is exactly this kind of thing that she was complaining about.

Reply to Tracy
Posted by: Spooky | 2003/03/26

Wow, nobody will ever believe that I'd caught such a big fish.
Tracy swallowed the bait, hook, line & sinker - now redering the real problem exposed.


Some can write so much and say so little.
Zeena can write so little and say so much.

Bubble deflated - Big fish, small fry - Problem solved.

Zeena wins again.

Reply to Spooky
Posted by: Annie | 2003/03/26

What a long-winded reply, Tracey, you are desperate to make your point! What are you actually trying to do? In the whole Zeena does more good than bad.

Ps. Catch the whole joke, not just of it... "undergod" "underdog"... get it?

Reply to Annie
Posted by: Tracy | 2003/03/26

Spooky - VERY funny, really - thanks for the laugh! Zeena, unlike Spooky, I am not one of your fans - I hardly think of you an "undergod". But, then again, neither am I one of your detractors. This may seem like a criticism so I suppose an explanation is in order.

This forum - like most fora - survives and succeeds because it is interactive and immediate. We can all have our say and have an opportunity to stand on the soap box. Of course we will not all agree with each other all the time but this is a good thing. Debate is healthy. Diverse opinions stimulate productive discussion. I like the way the good doc invites readers to post their views. By your own admission, your advise people from your heart. I prefer to use my head as it is generally more adept at thinking. But each to his or her own, I suppose, let and let live, as the man said.

With respect, may I suggest that, as you use your heart, you try not to sound to prescriptive and pompous? Accept with grace that you are not perfect and that when you are criticised that you take note of what is said and not let it "roll off your back"? You cannot insulate yourself from criticism in a public forum by declaring that your intentions are good. It makes you sound arrogant and I am sure that this is not what you want your support base to think. Surely not.

I must confess that when I read you response I thought that "methinks the lady doth protest too much". Apologies to the Bard.

You aren't really contrite about the ill-advised comments in your repsonse to Don, are you? I've read your response carefully and your apology, such as it is, is half-hearted and insincere. You sort of, kind of, apologise but rapidly re-iterate your stance. You sound petulant.

Finally, this is not your forum. You cannot say "all I ask is that people...". It implies ownership and possesion that you are not entitled to. Zeena, you can think what you like but you cannot say what you like and remain unscathed. Sure the spelling is bad, always has been and always will be. I think it lends colour, personality and character to the forum.

Spooky may think you are an "undergod". Don't believe your own press - a swollen head is less desirable than a back doubling as a waterfall.

Reply to Tracy
Posted by: Spooky | 2003/03/26

In my opinion, Zeena always has good intenshins - no kwestion !
She also did eksplain, in this particular instance, that she was not meening to be naasty.

So whats with all the battle axes of mass destruction?

For godness sake guys, let us not make ourselves giulty of that which we are aqcusing Zeena of doing - "The kettel calling the top Jack"

I support Zeena - not because she's the undergod, but simply because, unlike some overdogs, she does not sling mud and has never, ever been malicious.

Zeena wins, barr the shouting!

Reply to Spooky
Posted by: Zeena | 2003/03/25

Yes. I suppose it's wrong to point to spelling and suchlike on this page. It's the ex-teacher in me coming out. I don't really care what the home language might be. All I ask is that people -- even when upset -- just read through their post and where possible correct the worst spelling mistakes. Secretly, and not always commenting on it, I' ve been horrified at the standard of writing, spelling and grammar we see here and I am NOT talking about perfection!!!!

So, okay, I agree this is not a spelling and grammar forum. I stand corrected. Of COURSE my own language is not perfect ... whose is???

As far as advice is concerned ... as you might have noticed, I have not been very "active" the past few weeks! My advice comes from the heart. Naturally it is not always right -- is anyone else's?? Often people write to this page in the heat of the moment, giving very little information and insight into their problems, and later they come back, and give us all a clearer picture. You all mean well to criticise me, I suppose, but harsh critcism just rolls off my back, because my intentions are good. And what you see is what you get. I have no hidden agendas here.

Reply to Zeena
Posted by: Captured Angel | 2003/03/25

Yes, me too!
It was totally uncalled for. I did say so at the relevant post as well.

Reply to Captured Angel
Posted by: The Moral Fibre | 2003/03/25

If it means anything, The Moral Fibre concurs wholeheartedly with these sentiments. I won't comment on the advise that Zeena (and other so called regulars) dispenses so freely but I was also astounded by the brazen criticism of Don's command of the language.

Reply to The Moral Fibre

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