Posted by: DH | 2013/02/06

Zama Khumalo

Sello aka Zama Khumalo...disgusting racist twat.

Zama Khumalo, 24, told his 493 friends on the social website he would send out an invitation to a " Big Black Braai"  to celebrate the deaths of 42 children when their school bus plunged into Westdene dam, Johannesburg, on 27 March 1985.The braai would be on the anniversary of the disaster and there would be DJs and fireworks, the newspaper reported. - News24

I hope that Zama burns in hell....

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Posted by: mom | 2013/02/08

Yep I have guys here at work that I want to say they are DH, they indeed arent white people they are pigs, filled with hatred and prejudice it is easy to see them in the work place.

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/02/07

Boggom boggom peanut boggom

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Posted by: Bo | 2013/02/07

If pictures were to be posted here I ''d really have loved to see this DH pig.He sound a really hard-core racist.Yes Sello even myself here at work I don''t have any hatred for whites but yes I hate PIGS.
IF YOU GET TO THE CONTEXT OF WHAT ZAMA SAID ''it is not racist'' yet condonable.
This is one way DH is showing off his ''swineness'' {DBN}

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/02/06

One thing about you DH you are so pre-occupied with racism hence you do not have time for your family. Evidence, December 2012 when you snubbed your wife and duaghters in order to be ever present on MT so that you can do what you do best and that is being so prejeducial against black people. When Manto Tshabalala passed away many pigs made unpallatable statements and we were all shocked.

Lets come back to the statements made by Zama. They are indeed of a very bad taste and are unacceptable. Even if this incidence happened 28 years ago before the dawn of the new SA, they reflect a man who is at a high gear of anger. I wonder what triggered that anger. But in my thoughts, as wrong as he is, Zama cannot be labelled racist becuase he is African. Africans cannot be racist. Yes they can present great anger against white people but they cannot be racist. In the olden days of apartheid when we were chased by the guns of trigger happy white boys, we would celebrate this incidence ofcourse. Today it wouldnt be fair. But hey lets all be honest because i am honest. i am ok with white people but i deeply hate pigs. DH is not white he is a pig and even if you were to die in front of me, i would not get moved. Your dearth would be similar to that of ET and scores of black people will celebrate your departure flight to hell. Tell me now DH, honestly, would a loss of a black life or a baboon as you like to call us, wound you the very same way as the loss of white life would? I thought as much.


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