Posted by: gay man | 2007/06/01

Your opinion was heterosexist!

Dear Doc - this is the respose from the Health24 gay expert to a previous response from you on anal sex: "Hi Rade and as I said earlier (your previous post) I have a slight hassle with this: since when is anal sex an "unhealthy choice"? WOW!!!! YIKES!!!!!! How hetrosexist can one be? I beg to differ, suggesting instead that what you've been told is undiluted bull-shit. And I am horrified that young people are being fed such utter heterosexist garbage. Undiluted cr*p!"<br><br>I tend to agree with him.<br><br>Would you like to respond? <br><br><br>

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageCyberDoc

Dear Gay Man
It is my personal opinion that it is unhealthy when it causes damage to the rectal sphincter or causes infection - from a medical point of view - just as I feel that smoking is unhealthy because it damages your lungs. You don't HAVE to agree with me.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

Our users say:
Posted by: Karen | 2007/06/04

Shoo I think the gay people are going a bit wild, you have taken it out of context. There are always risks that tearing of the anus and the lining can occur, of course thats a fact. I have a gay friend who suffered terrribly from just that and another who got the most horendous piles. OBVIOUSLY there Can sometimes be damage caused, all the poor Doc did was advise you of this, she said nothing nasty or anti your sexual choices, this info was aimed at straight people who also enjoy engaging in anal sex from time to time.


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Posted by: ? | 2007/06/03

I have had anal sex over 1000 times and never had an infection and my arse is fine thank you very much, so what is the doc talking about?

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Posted by: Petro | 2007/06/03

Being a wman has nothing at all to do with this. Even men CAN give wrong advice guys. Don't confuse the issues. Women are as professional as men.

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Posted by: Anon | 2007/06/03

Is she a proctologist? Nope. So forget what she said. We know better. Let her think what she likes - she simlpy can't know better.

She's a product of the little that she knows. Enough said.

She probably doesn't even know what 'heterosexist' means, so give the sweet woman a break.

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Posted by: Relax everyone! | 2007/06/03

OK so the doc's response was somewhat controversial but why make such a fuss about it? Surely she's entitled to her opinions? If you don't like what she says go ask someone else! Simple! I've met a few doctors I didn't agree with, or who's attitudes I couldn't accept, so I moved on and found someone I felt more comfortable with. Simple!

Reply to Relax everyone!
Posted by: Person | 2007/06/03

Dear Anonymous, Just because the doc is heterosexual it doesn't mean that she should be heterosexist. There's a vast difference - the latter terms denotes prejudice. Get with it sweetie. OF course most professionals are heterosexual, but not all are heterosexist. I have no problem with people being heterosexual (of course not!) bt all of us, irresepective of our sexual orientation, should stand up to heterosexist prejudice. In the same way that we need to stand up against racists.

Have a good weekend everone :)

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Posted by: Just asking | 2007/06/03

So how then, after a gay couple have been legally married, would you suggest they have sex? Is anal sex an unhealthy choice? Somehow I don't think so.

Reply to Just asking
Posted by: Tracy | 2007/06/03

Here we go, back to the middle ages......

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Posted by: Konrad | 2007/06/03

This isn't a religious forum guys, eep your nasty religious thoughts to yourselves or take them up with the gay expert on the gay and lesbian forum. Let's stick to the subject here, OK? And just because the doc s heterosxual it doesn't mean that she be ill-informed about anal sex - which is practiced by countless heterosexual couples - and she should be able to offer sound advice to everyone, be they young or old, black or white, straight or gay, Christian or Muslim. The gay expert makes a good point - at a time when our youth are at very high risk of being infected with HIV, we need to temper all HIV-related information very carefully.

So what does the doc's advice mean to young people, both gay and straight, who want real and meaningful HIV-related information? That only vaginal peneration should be practiced? That only some sexual acts are OK, others aren't? And is this based on science, or morality?

Let's get objective here guys. Don't mix the issues.

Reply to Konrad
Posted by: CONCERNED | 2007/06/03

Since when is anal sex an "unhealthy choice"? ANY sex can be safe or unsafe, depending on whether body fluids are exchanged or not, and at least anal sex doesn't result in the unwanted pregnancy. I agree with the gay expert 100% - THIS IS NOT A MORAL ISSUE, I T SHOULD BE A PURELY MEDICAL ISSUE. So please stick with he facts!

Posted by: Karin | 2007/06/02

Yip the anus is made to pass out body waste ! But anyway I have no problem with gays, great people, so it really has nothing to do with anyone what they or we get up to !

Reply to Karin
Posted by: C. | 2007/06/02

Went back to read said post and frankly, she made a whole lot of sense, and she certainly wasn't biased or whatever. Go back and read it again guys, she concluded by saying it's a personal choice.

Reply to C.
Posted by: Sam | 2007/06/01

Dear gay man... Anal sex is not natural. Since the anus isn't really made to accomodate a large object like a penis, there is a chance that anal sex might cause injury and infections. This is why it is unhealthy. Plain and simple.

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Posted by: Neil | 2007/06/01

No excuse, that's not good enough. I'm sorry but we need to challenge every prejudce and form of discriination we encounter. So with all due respect Ito CyberDoc 'm joining this challenge.

Reply to Neil
Posted by: Anonymous | 2007/06/01

Of course the Doc is heterosexist! 90% of people are and the world is 100% straight. If history books are written from a heterosexist paradigm, why do you think medical books wouldn't be? Give her a break. OK?

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Posted by: Offended | 2007/06/01

Doc please get clarrity on your own sense of morality verus sound medical (SCIENTIFIC) fact. Don't let the one impact on the other. And if you're feeling lost either say so or refer to those who do know.

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Posted by: A mom | 2007/06/01

This is really interesting! My son is gay and I really worry about him becoming HIV positive but your post has made me think where this prejudice stems from. Thank you!

Reply to A mom
Posted by: Brad | 2007/06/01

I agree, this suggests that people who engage in anal sex (both straight and gay) are incapable of deciding to practice safer sex.

Anal sex with a condom is no more risky than vaginal sex with a condon, in terms of anal sex.

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