Posted by: Sad Mommy | 2008/11/17

You bunch of cowardly pansies!!!!

All you idiots wanting to kill yourselves and yet there is a 15 year old girl RIGHT NOW in terrible pain dying from cancer holding onto each precious day with withered fingers hoping she can live just one more with her loved ones AND you selfish bastards want to kill yourselves over CRAP???????

I am sorry, you all make sick! Bunch of cowards!

Sorry CS, but this total disregard for life is f**king me off.

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageCyberShrink

Pansy ? Personally, I've tended to think of myself as a flowering cactus. Anyhow
I understand your anger and how you feel. You are not recognizing the horrors of a very severe depression, which can be equivalent to cancer, and as destructive. YOu have handled tragic losses in your own life well, to a point, though not without bitterness. Perhaps experiences of sad loss and grief, rather than depression as such ? Maybe it would be useful at times for people who feel suicidal within a reasonable life, who want to die but don't have to ; to visit hospices and bring some comfort to people who are going to die even if they don't want to.
But whether a person has cancer or depression, they deserve compassion from us, not anger. I understand your response --- gosh but we've had more suicidal messages thismorning than ever before --- but anger against someone in pain is in itself a disregard for life, of the sort that so annoys you.

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Posted by: kella,uk | 2008/11/18

i think lashing out to suicidal people is not good, its bad enough to want to take your own life..but do you think someone just wakes up in the morning and decides they will take their own life..who does not want to live! you are lucky you could cope with your circumstances some people genes and chemicals in their minds cannot just cope....and when someone talks about it its a cry for help......cummon...let them cry out...lashing and anger will not help the victim.....all this are conditions just like the cancer...that require treatment.....

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Posted by: S | 2008/11/17

Yes,Sad Mommy, you are indeed that, a sad pathetic little person.
Coming here laying your little egg about issues you know NOTHING about. Who the hell are you saying what you said. Have you ANY idea what people go through when they see suicide as being their only option?????????? I have NEVER tried to commit suicide and I truly hope that things don' t go as wrong in my life that I see no way out, but my best friend tried a few times and I saw her pain and her suffering. To her there was no meaning to life and she could not go on. I very nearly became the guardian of her 3 very small children. With the grace of God and him sending his angel army to protect her she worked through it and she is doing alot better now.

Don' t you come here and spill your guts about issues you know nothing about.

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Posted by: almost mad | 2008/11/17

I was suicidal...sometimes I still think about it...but im a lot better now. I think doc is right, depression is to me a disease, it also pains a lot and you feel like you dying slowly. So I understand why people wanna take their lives. Its good there is this site that allows people to tell others how they feel so we can all help eachother. Keep talking guys. We wanna know if you suicidal and we wanna help!

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Posted by: Sad Mommy | 2008/11/17

I hear you CS but I still think suicide is a cop out.

There are legit people on here who " feel"  like killing themselves and by asking for help means they want to live. Then there are those attention seeking pansies (not Cactus' s) who only want to get attention and cause fights on here, which doesn' t help anyone.

Yes my post seems harsh, and yes I am bitter, but I am still alive and at least I will have the chance to work out my issues, and thats the message I want to get across. Alive, you can fix your life, Dead.... well thats pretty obvious.

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Posted by: Mom | 2008/11/17

Having a medical reason for non sound judgment is not the same as a person who thinks, oh well, my spouse left me, lets blow my brains against the wall.

Anonym : good on you for getting help.

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Posted by: Anonym | 2008/11/17

I tried to commit suicide before being diagnosed with schizophrenia and it seemed like the only thing to do as atleast I would n' t had the pain.... Now I' m better and wouldn' t do it but can' t describe how its when dellutional and paranoid .... So this site is for the people who could at least speak out and say how they feel so that they can get help.

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Posted by: Sad Mommy | 2008/11/17

I know more about depression and loss that I care to think about. I to have lost ALL in my life and still didn' t take the cowardly way out.

I lost a child, a husband, my parents , my home.... so don' t sit there and tell me I don' t know.

I don' t have ANY RESPECT for anyone who disregards life.

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Posted by: Daisy | 2008/11/17

You are right... I am for sure a coward. I would give anything to take that girl' s pain and die in her place.
Maybe try not judge a person if you do not really know the circumstances...

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Posted by: How Dare You | 2008/11/17

First of all, You obviously don' t know what is is to be depressed or don' t know to what side you want to go,

If you don' t have anything positive to say to these ppl (us) then rather shut up and go play with yourself. You obviously have no respect for people that are trying to get help and better them selfs.

You maybe even worse off than most of us. It' s hard to lose a loved one, but don' t take your anger out on people you don' t even know.

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Posted by: Rikka | 2008/11/17

Sad Mommy, I could not agree more.
I live opposite from a primary school, and Wednesday last week a child was run over by a Corsa Bakkie. She survived a day, and died due to her injuries.

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Posted by: Anon | 2008/11/17

Oh I most certainly agree with you 100%

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