Posted by: Wife | 2013/02/04

Would You

Would you have an abortion while married and already have two children, the reason for the abortion of this unplanned baby is that we having too much differences with hubby and doubtful of a positive future together.

Im even suprised I got preggies, we have sex once a month - if I am lucky!!

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Posted by: ME | 2013/02/04

You dont have to kill an innocent soul because you having problemsin your marriage. Have you at least tried and talk about this with your hubby? Have you at least prayed about this?. I believe that chlid has the right to live despite of your differences with your husband. You knew or had doubts about your marriage from the beginning, you were supposed to prevent getting pregnant at least, now you want to kill an innicent child? what for??

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Posted by: JR | 2013/02/04

You are married to this man, are you not able to work on your marriage? Not just for your own sakes or the sakes of the new baby, but for the other children as well?

I had a misscarriage a while back, and not a day goes by that I don''t think about the baby I lost. It was alive, and it was inside me growing and developing in to a HUMAN BEING, A PERSON JUST LIKE YOU AND ME. HOW WOULD YOU HAVE LIKED IT IF YOUR MOTHER DECIDED SHE DID NOT WANT YOU BECAUSE LIFE WAS TOO DIFFICULT AND PLOPPED YOU INTO A BUCKET?

I cannot fathom that women would murder their children. I know it''s your body, but you did not create that baby, God did. I could not live with myself knowing I willfully killed a living being. It is not for me to decide if a child lives or dies, only God is almighty enough to make that kind of decision.

If you don''t want the child, there are many couples who do. I am sorry if I am harsh,but I have to speak my mind. Abortion is no better than rape. You are violating another human being, that does not have a voice, and that cannot stand up for itself.

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Posted by: Mom | 2013/02/04

No i would not. I do understand the situation between you and your hubby and chances is that he can even tell you the baby is not his because of the problems and the fact that you hardly bump and grind. i say this from experience, i even had to take my 3 days new born son for partenity tests. the fact that this baby was not planned doesnt mean that he is a mistake. there is a reason why God allowed him to be is all part of God''s plan. whether you and your hubby fix your marriage or not, has nothing to do with it. he should not be robbed of his life because of the mistakes his parents and believe me, you will never forgive yourself if you do it and then after that things gets well. unfortunately me and my hubby got divorced because after the baby partenity quarel things never got better. but my son is now 7 years old and he is so sweet and handsome (though he looks more like his father and has all hisfather''s features and character) and that makes me mad. *no offence*

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Posted by: Hubby | 2013/02/04

At least you get it once a month. I get it maybe once in 3 months if i am lucky....

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