Posted by: Miss Piggy | 2007/04/09


My DH keeps on about how much fat I have gained. We were out the other night and he was introducing me to everone as his "other three quaters, not other half"

I am so down about it. I feel fat and ugly and useless as it is. I can't do much excercise as I have some medical problems. Even swimming which I used to be good at I can't do as I have limited lung capacity so can't really do the breathing thing. I have such poor strength in my back I have to use both arms to open a car boot. I can't even pickup my child who is 20kg anymore.

I know that if I say anything to him he will just sigh and say that I know he is only joking. But it obviously has an element of truth.

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Have you discussed weight loss options with the doctor treating your other health problems ? There ought to be a way to lose weight, and maybe also an expert dietician could help. But obviously your husband isn't helpuing at all by joking about it --- it sounds as though he really doesn't understand the situation at all, and maybe your doc should talk with him about your problems healthwise.
Vomiyinh is not an option --- it's a lousy and very inefficient way of trying to lose weight, and causes its own range of further health problems. Don't do that

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Posted by: jenny | 2007/04/11

Why don't you try a low GI diet - its a sure way to loose weight and a better way to eat in any case - actually we should all be on a low GI diet for good health and its really not bad at all. There are quite a lot of books on what you can eat - I had one which was south african so all the products listed were available. The inconsiderate way in which your husband is referring to you weight is cruel and mean by the way - some people are just so insensitive and I would also feel so humiliated if this was done in public. Anyway - loosing weight is never a bad thing if you're carrying too much for your own good so maybe nows the time to really start doing something about it. Good luck

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Posted by: Joy | 2007/04/10

*crazy giggles* !!!! good4u!!

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Posted by: Miss Piggy | 2007/04/10

LOL! Thanks Joy. I already don't really eat fried stuff and I hate marge and butter and things like that. My biggest nemesis is Dairy Products. There is a Pilates Studio right around the block from my house and I normally walk to work and home anyway as it is so close. I think Pilates could be fun, I like stretching stuff. I can probably get a couple of sessions in after work before he gets home and he is fetching the kids now as the school is on his way back from work....

We were going to do sureslim together last year, I waited until he was ready to join me and he started going to gym. That has all stopped and I was thinking this morning I will jsut go do sureslim on my own. screw him! (or I wont as he doesn't deserve it, tee hee)

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Posted by: Joy | 2007/04/10

Dont do that man! Thats just disgusting and such an insult to the lekker potjie! ;o) Just watch what you eat from now on! Since you cannot exercise as it'll evidently do more harm than good, focus on your diet. Now, you know exactly what you're doing wrong and what you should be doing. You dont necessarily have to go out and buy diet food, just change your portions you eat and cut out all the baddies, being gas cooldrink, sweets and chips! When you cook, use minimal oil and dish your food into a porridge bowl. I read somewhere that when you're done eating your mind registers that you are now done and satisfied. From now on only buy juices and drink alot of not eat anything after 8pm!! Just make that a strict new rule and dont eat and nap immediately afterward. If you need to snack (which i dont recommend), have provita and spice it up with some healthy toppings. Soon you'll feel light enough to take brisk walks around the block and your hubby will stay nice and chubby! and you'll be a yummy mummy!!! ;o) Also, you dont have to involve him in your new plans, or tell him about your new outlook on healthy eating. He might just discourage you or manipulate you into thinking you cant do it. Just focus on you and what you need to do! You can do it girl!! Good luck!!

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Posted by: Miss Piggy | 2007/04/10

The worst is that I am still within the correct body mass index, but my butt feels so big. I was thinking of pilates. Walking can be terrible for me, sometimes my back gets so sore I have to concentrate to walk! And yes, he is overweight himself and I married him like that. The thing is with my back and lungs I have to be really really careful as I can hurt it quite easily.

But I think some one spoke to him about it as they all were shocked at the way he introduced me and yesterday he was full of complements? Didn't make up for it though.

With the meds I was on apparently each of them alone can lower the metabolism and make me pack on the flab. At least I am off one now. The thing is I am not eating any more than I used, I am actually eating less. I used to be a stick insect and a size 8 or 10. I feel like a beached whale as it is and I know all the dangers of vomiting but I still want to do it. Even last night we were at friends who gave us potjie and I was wondering about how long it would take me to lock myself in the loo and if I would be able to make myself vomit without anyone knowing.

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Posted by: Joy | 2007/04/10

My jaw just DROPPED at the 'three-quarter' comment. My god!! thats just unacceptable! Just right there you wouldve gotten a m0erse klap from me! So insensitive and tactless! SIES4UR DH!!! And stop calling yourself Miss Piggy! Just start there please!

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Posted by: Kat | 2007/04/10

Consider joining Weight Watchers if that is an option. It is great to get the support of others in the same boat. As for your husband, I guess he's hittin' the gym and sporting a 6 pack (great abs - in the USA)??? Probably not. He could try to be more supportive or just keep his mouth shut.

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Posted by: Lauren Auder ™ | 2007/04/09

Hey Miss Piggy

Walking is 1 of da best exercises u can get. Go 4 a stroll wit da kids around da block - u will get stronger n 1ce u get stronger u will be able 2 walk faster n further. Pilates is a good way to get your back strong again. N it is very good 4 u'r figure, it is a very relaxing exercise regime n it will be good 4 u'r lungs as u do alot of breathing with u'r core muscles. U need 2 b very flexible though that is y it is better 2 start walking 1st.

U can also ask Fitnessdoc 4 help - she is very helpful.

N it is possible 2 lose da weight. I packed on da kilos after my son's birth n weighed 98kgs. I cud not walk fast n also felt as if I cud not breath at times, everything I did was a mission. I started walking, n when I got fitter went 2 da gym 4 taebo twice a week. N I did Pilates. I lost most of da weight n am now plateaued at 57kgs. I must also add that it took 14 months to lose all that weight.

Just start with walkin- 3x a week ...I promise u - u will c da diff in da end.

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Posted by: Britty | 2007/04/09

Dear Miss Piggy

Sticking your fingers down your throat will make you feel worse, rot your teeth and give you bad breath. Maybe your husband is trying to get the message to you that he is unhappy about your weight however doing it publically the way he did is not acceptable - its a pity that he can't be more supportative and maybe encourage you by going to a weight management club with you or is he so thin and perfect. Do you have any friends with a similar problem to yours who would go with you? Why don't you post a message to Diet Doc about your problem and also read the messages of people like yourself who struggle with weight. There is also a weight loss annex where people encourage each other. It must be depressing as you probably feel there is so much wrong with you but often medical problems get so much better when you have lost weight especially the back. Maybe even with your limited lung capacity you might be able to do some very light exercise - just make a few small adjustments to your diet and lifestyle should give you rewards that you can see for yourself and that is the best motivation. Good luck.

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Posted by: Miss Piggy | 2007/04/09

And oh yes, I am starting to wonder if I would be able to stick my finger down my throat as that is the only way I can see myself losing anything.

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