Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/05/08

Women - Why are they so weird?


I' m trying to figure out women, I don' t think that I ever will. I' m a single guy. A nice guy as they say. I' m a professional. I have ambition and etc and blah blah.

I find the dating " game"  hard. Why must I obide by rules? The three day rule, the sms rule etc. Why can' t it be, that if you meet someone, you call her and ask her out? Why is it such a big thing? I swear the women that I meet must read " Lets do coffee, as I want to marry you" .

I don' t get it. I expect the same from someone that I give of myself.

What do I mean. If I phone you, answer the call? I met this girl a while back, she always returns my calls, but it' s forever, going straight to voicemail. Why screen my call? I know that she is, ' cos i' ve called her out on it.

And another thing, why can' t these girls get over their ex' s? Jeez, move on. You broke up. I' m not the only one having this problem, a friend met a girl, but she wants to be friends cos she' s heart broken, grow up!

I' ve always struggled to meet a nice girl. I' ve had to lower my standards quite a lot. Even those are still too high. I' ll get a number, i' ll send her a text message and she wont reply. Or i' ll phone her and it will go to voice mail. Why does that happen? Please dont say ' cos she is busy. I' m busy too... but I ALWAYS answer my cell regardless of who it is. If I dont, i return the call within the next hour.

I' ll send a text to a girl, she' ll respond 6 hours later. Why? Does she have any idea how that impacts on me waiting for a response???

Is there something I am doing wrong? Should I not be readily available? As in, If she calls, DONT answer? But call back later at my convenience?

I don' t get it.

What do I do? Do I start acting like a jerk?

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageCyberShrink

I suspect that after the wekend, as people return to their computers, you will hear from quite a few women who recognizethat men can be pretty weird, too. The fact is PEOPLE can be weird or sensible, nice or nasty ; only when we see ourselves as belonging in one camp of Us versus Them, do we persuade ourselves that it's THEm who are weird, nasty, or whatever. I'd guess hat you have rarely or never tried dating men, or perhaps you'd have found that they can also be weird about it !
Some of what you're describing is bad manners. But some of it, in the choice to allow oneself to continue to be shaped by previous bad experiences, seems to have become socially sanctioned among women but frowned upon when men do it.
Experiment with the results if you make yourself a bit more aloof and not immediately available --- maybe report back to us on the results of the experiment.
Acting like a jerk won't help, and may even attract more jerks

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/05/12

I think you are the one who needs to grow up. If i dont reply or ignore your calls, just go away. What does this have to do with respect?maybe you are not " ALL THAT"  after all.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/05/11

seems a few women are proving you right judging from their aggressive replies hehe.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/05/11

Sounds everything is reversed nowadays...Usually it was women waiting for a man to call.... u go girls

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Posted by: DW | 2009/05/11

Hey, I have exactly the same problem. My friends tell me that I have too much respect for women. Damn, don' t women want us to respect them? Well, I have basically given up, and decided that I am so used to being single, I' ll stay single. And, no I do not bug women with phone calls etc, but when I do phone or sms, a reply would be good, then to leave me janging on a thin rope.

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Posted by: Monika | 2009/05/09

Who the hell r u 2 tell a girl 2 grow up cos she dsnt wana go out with u? Sexist pig. A girl has a rite 2 feel hurt. Do u expect us all 2 swoon 4 u? It already sounds like u r a jerk- maybe u should try being NICE &  UNDERSTANDING &  PATIENT. If u want a girl 2 put out on the 1st nite go buy a hooker otherwise stop being so high &  mighty.

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Posted by: Simoné  | 2009/05/09

Listen dude not all women are the same. Don' t go and throw us all in the same boat now. If you hate the fact that the chick takes hours/ days to call call you back then why do you keep phoning her? If you don' t like the fact that the chick takes 6 hours to reply to your SMS, why do you SMS her? To give you a reason to bitch about women? Not everyone waits around for you to SMS. As for women having a hard time getting over their ex' s- a) women are a kinder hearted gender anyway so it is hard to lose a love and b) I' ve seen more than one guy cry over a lost love. One dude even went on anti-depressants cos his girlfriend dumped him. And maybe if men had more respect for women then we wouldn' t be so difficult. How must we know who we can trust if there are men out there raping women every 2 minutes? How must we know who to trust if it' s ok for a man to use a women for sex but a woman is a slut if she does the same thing? Get off your high horses and stop generalising. Stop chasing after girls that like to play hard to get if it' s such an issue for you.

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Posted by: Phil | 2009/05/09

Not to be funny, and I' m going to be rididulef for this. But most woman these days are very selfish, and don' t care much about the the other persons feelings. And notr, most but not all. I hope to foind the one of the sincere ones one day.

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