Posted by: lady d | 2013/01/30

women and their vagina insecurities

I was with a couple of women in the gym bathroom, they kept covering their thingies, and when I asked why they said that they worry sometimes about its appearance, size and form. I really laughed. Does it matter?

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Posted by: woman not ashamed | 2013/01/31

Yes T i mean therez no competition hahaha so i dont understand why they would be ashamed...hay cha nami ke angikhathali shweem

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Posted by: T | 2013/01/31

" Temba, or 28+ (men) it becomes smaller..., maybe?"  Lmao P, you''re on the money right there!
But ladies, if you feel that there''s something wrong with yours (lips too big or whatever), who are you comparing yourselves with, how many have you seen, is there like a standard out there? I''m glad to say I don''t care to find out/notice what other women''s goodies look like. It''s a private part, it''s not like there''s a billboard picture of what a perfect one should be/is like.

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Posted by: Ntate | 2013/01/31


thats the good stuff, stop being ashamed and start feeling good about it.

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Posted by: Pretty Pear | 2013/01/30

Even any woman asking me to walk in while bathing i feel " seriously!! r u for real?" 

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Posted by: Woman not ashamed | 2013/01/30

Hawu what are you ashamed of ladies?

mna i am not ashamed at all shame yhoo i even walk around naked at home or sleep naked especially when its hot,

I am not hiding anything hehehehe i walk around infront of friends sometimes i dont care they are woman moss

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Posted by: Pretty Pear | 2013/01/30

Temba, or 28+ (men) it becomes smaller..., maybe? just checking ...

Lady D, I''m self-concious as well about my body or cake for anyone to see it except my partner. I''m uncomfortable even around women, or a woman showing off her puna around me...i get shivers for some reason...or confidence lack thereof...

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Posted by: Anon | 2013/01/30

I also have big lips down there so I feel insecure when im naked

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Posted by: Temba | 2013/01/30

You know what lady D, to us guys, it doesn''t really matter.What really matters is the tightness of the labia. Guys often complain that most women especially the 28+ yr olds have put on a lot of MILEAGE and are RETURNED SOLDIERS and thats why they are now going for younger kids these because they say, the younger the tighter.

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