Posted by: Sad | 2009/09/25

Why is he like this

Cs!My bf does not have any patience for me!
I believe that he loves me and we getting married in 2010, I also love him.
The thing is he has no patience at all, he rushes me, does not do anything romantic for me etc.
I accepted it in the beginning because I thought to myself well this is just him.
He is rough and we keep arguing about this! I have blue marks all over my body arms, legs.
He would grab me, pull me, push me etc but he does not really mean to hurt me he is just rough.
I’ ve spoken to him about this many times but it dsnt help.
I have to cover up or ppl parents would think I’ m being abused or something.
Then when I show them to him he says its not him.
He denies grabbing my arm but I have the marks to prove it.I have his fingers marks around my arms and thighs.

I sometimes feel like I’ m making the wrong decision but I know that he does not mean it and I flippen love him but
I cant stand the fact that he will not put any effort into having a little patience for me!
He says I’ m slow, I drag things, I give too much detail and I’ m unnecessary.
The only time he will actually listen to me is if he wants sex.
When he has patience or goes out of his way for me then I know what he wants or how he wants things to end.
So what I did was refused him on a couple of occasions and when I do this he gets mad, he gets angry, we argue, he tells me I don’ t give a sh*t and then he leaves and won’ t speak to me until 2days later.
This from being sweet and understanding to being a horrible mean person.
The only way to get him to do something for me or with me is to use sex or something of a sexual nature otherwise he is not interested.
What about when we get married? Then it would be like his right and then what am I to do.
I don’ t want to have to use anything to persuade him to, I want him to do it out of love.
Myabe it his age (26) , maybe he will grow out of it and realize he is being selfish?
He is extrmely stubborn and will not admit when he is wrong either.

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Expert ImageCyberShrink

Is he impatient with everyone, including himself ? Or only with you ? Impatience is one thing --- but it doesn't leave marks. That IS abuse. YOu say you love him --- even with the abuse ? Or have you unwisely convinced yourself that in some magical way this will stop ? It won't. It's quite likely to get worse. Abuse is not a way of showing love. And if you think it is somehow a husband's "right" to abuse and hurt his wife, then you should not get married to anyone until you have gained, probably with the help of a counsellor, enough self-esteem and self-confidence to protect yourself and to know that NOBODY, EVER, has the right to abuse you or hurt you.
He is using you, and only content when he gets exactly what he wants. That has nothing to do with love.
And at the advanced age of 26, he will absolutely NOT "grow out of " this.
Discuss this with POWA or some similar agency helping abused women, and plan a safe way out of this relationship. Do NOT marry an abuser. Escape

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Posted by: Soul | 2009/09/25

Personally I feel it has nothing to do with self respect, this has everything to do with human right.
He has no right to treat you in such a bad manner, Sad his not going to get better this is who he is and if you think there is anything you can say that will change it you are wrong.

Pls get out of this abuse don' t marry him your life will be a living hell. Pls stop covering up for him he needs to face the facts of what he is doing, and what his doing is wrong.

Pls don' t end up like so many women do that land up in hospital before they wake up or in worse cases even dead.
You are better than this and you deserve better than what he is doing and the way he is treating you.

This is not ok get out of it now!

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Posted by: Wise Owl | 2009/09/25

Gee whizz girl, where have you been all your life ? This creep is an animal with a serious personality defect. What on earth are you still doing there ? Where does he get off being rough with you ? Clearly he has no respect for you whatsoever."  But I love him"  you guys that maintain this after being used as a punch bag are amazing ! If you don' t get rid of him, sorry to say, you deserve all the abuse you receive. Can' t you see what is happening ? Collect what little self respect you may still have an head for the hills, don' t delay, get going !!

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Posted by: almost mad | 2009/09/25

Are you kidding me? If he cant even admit that he caused the bruises what makes you think he will ever stop making them? You accept this treatment, so why should he feel bad or care. He is abusing you and trying to pull the wool over your eyes by making you think he doesnt mean to hurt you. Trust me, he knows exactly what he is doing.

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Posted by: Anon | 2009/09/25

Wake up please, he is an abuser and if you marry him you will be in for a nightmare.

Get some self respect back as well as your dignity.

Dont think that he is going to change, people cannot change their core being, they are who they are. You will live a nightmare if you continue in this relationship. Get out now!

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