Posted by: Buffs | 2006/07/27

Why do you think that way?

OK.. Now i really want to know the answer to this one in all seriousness and i will try to remain calm:

Why do you think that smacking an animal will change its behaviour?

Do you think that the cat/dog knows that peeing on the floor cos it cant get out or cos its litter box is dirty is seen as a bad thing to you?

Can some one please explain to me why smacking animals is so popular?

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If we stand aside and look at animals there is a certain amount of smacking that takes place to keep order. Unfortunately the ultimate animal (us of course) tootk things too far (there are wars on right now!) and old habits are difficult to be rid of. Training by positive rewards seems to work quite well so maybe we should strive for that.

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Posted by: Chinta | 2006/08/02


Very true! I sometimes forget there are larger breeds around!

Reply to Chinta
Posted by: Cat Lover | 2006/08/02

I've really enjoyed reading all the responses to "Why do you think that way".

However,I find that my cats definitely respond to a firm "NO" when they are doing something they shouldn't be doing - like, stealing food from one of the other cats. They all stop what they are doing at once!, but it's so funny how each one reacts differently.

My little Sushi (the crippled one) looks at me with big eyes and lowers his head so he must look up; Bagheera leaps away as if he was scalded; -|- Cat keeps her eyes on me and sits down and calmly licks each paw; Slayer sashays away with his huge fluffy tail flicking from side to side; and Georgie (my old lady, well she never does anything that I have to reprimand her, expect swatting all the young cats away from her! If I were to reprimand her for that it would go on all day!

Believe me, cats are highly intelligent and I know that I am just their slave!!!! But I do get love in return and don't anybody ever tell you otherwise.

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Posted by: PVDW | 2006/07/31


I agree it is a very sensitive place, but I promise you that a light slap on a Rottweiler's bum will not work. He'll think you're playing with him. Of course you dont slap the dog that he sees stars, but I have tested & tried various methods and I have found it the best way of reprimanding a large breed and I have never, ever had any problems with my dogs later.

Of course trying to reprimand a cat in that way, well that's just cruel.

Reply to PVDW
Posted by: Chinta | 2006/07/31

I don't tap my dogs on the nose. That's one of the most sensitive areas on their bodies, it's like someone poking you in the eye. I'd rather give them a light slap on the bum.

Reply to Chinta
Posted by: Buffs | 2006/07/31

I use kisses as a form of punishment too.. they hate it!! especially bobby he ends up squeeking in disgust and sticking his paws on my face to hold me back..

Reply to Buffs
Posted by: Chill | 2006/07/29

Ouch... you make me squirm... my pup has serious hip dysplasia, so please don't anybody grab her by her hind legs!

Rather avoid the fight in the first place!

Reply to Chill
Posted by: Carol | 2006/07/29

Jax you make me laugh.....

A tip tho, dont grab your dog by the collar in a fight , he could turn around and take a chunk out of you, grab him by the back legs .....

Discipline a cat ?????// ahhahahhahhahahahha

You know what they say: Dogs have owners, cats have staff

Reply to Carol
Posted by: jax | 2006/07/28 dogs always respond to a 'NO', except on a few rare occasions where the absolute joy of a fight has rendered them totally deaf, and on these occasions, what I've done is generally to grab them by collar and tail, pull them back far enough so that they actually see or hear me, and then said "NO" and it has always worked....
Cats...come on! Anyone who thinks they have ever successfully disciplined a cat is totally deluded! There are various kitty reactions, ranging from 'now that I have your attention.." to "the supper you just gave me sucks big-time" to "if you are gonna go to work and leave us all by ourselves, then greeting you by ripping shreds off your furniture is quite understandable" "something you did annoys me..." - and most of these revolve around causing damage to couches etc, and mostly it's done with one eye on you, and one eye on the couch. In cat cases, saying a loud 'NO' does nothing. A smack on the butt just encourages them to leap to the rest of the lounge suite and carry on.
I am now working on the tough love approach with my 4 cattens from hell...whenever I catch them doing something that we all know they shouldn't be doing...I pick them up and cuddle and kiss them until they really cannot stand it any longer and escape. Works great, especially with my tough boys! Especially when you hold them upside down and kiss their tummies and tell them how cute they are.... something about that seems to work really well - not in solving behavioural issues, but in decreasing their occurence. There are still a number of sins that I commit that absolutely require a kitty response!

Reply to jax
Posted by: Melbalina | 2006/07/28

Ooooh, I know just how you feel Buffs. I get so flipping infuriated when I read people smack their animals if they aren't doing what they want - especially with cats and when they are so young! In my book, It's like taking a new born infant and smacking it if it won't stop crying.

Reply to Melbalina
Posted by: WR | 2006/07/28

Lemme be specific about a smack: yes it is a tap/rap whatever. Definately NO abuse, or even the animal yelping because of it. 99% of the time the spoken form of discipline is enough.
As far as physical discipline, the thing I use most: Putting my middle finger & thumb and placing them the outside of the muzzle, each finger on a K9, and applying a little pressure. Works a treat, and the animal (dog - as I don't have any experience with cats) knows IMMEDIATELY that something is up. It works forchewing, biting, etc. Take a look at a bitch with her pups, and any higher ranked dog in a pack (temporary orpermanent) they would use this as one of the methods to disciplin and enforce higher rank. Yes, there are many other ways that work, one being a growl, baring teeth etc - BUT humans beings so focal cannot be taken seriously when they growl, and our puny little teeth are no threat to them.
There will allways be diffirent opinions about this type of things, but nou ja! That's life!


Reply to WR
Posted by: Buffs | 2006/07/28

Ok, we have varying answers. Maybe a tap on the nose to stop biting i can understand, or even a light tap when you catch them doing something they are not ment to do.

Thanks for your responses and i am begining to see why it can be beneficial.. but i still dont think i would have the heart to do it

Reply to Buffs
Posted by: Chill | 2006/07/27

Perhaps the thing can be resolved by defining what we mean by a smack. I've tapped my dogs on the nose before, to stop them doing something they know not to but plan to anyway - I firmly deny that I've even physically hurt any of my dogs, ever, in my whole life, except for medical reasons like having to clean infected ears...

Beating an animal is OUT, intending to hurt it is OUT, using physical violence intended merely to relieve one's own frustrations is OUT - but a little rap or tap, to attract their attention, is absolutely ok in my book - their own mothers treat them far more harshly than that. It's not even punishment, it's more of an 'I'm serious!' little warning.

I suspect too that there's a whole lot of 'political correctness' tied up in all of this...

Reply to Chill
Posted by: Carol | 2006/07/27

Redirection works far better than any smack!!!

Reply to Carol
Posted by: Acineth | 2006/07/27

Must have something to do with being smacked as chldren. A sharp "no" works so there is no need to resort to violence. I definately think it has to do with relieving frustration and ignorance.

Reply to Acineth
Posted by: WR | 2006/07/27

Hi There!

I'm probably gonna get taken too pieces about this, but here goes: I believe that a smack or a sharp 'NO!" can work for disciplining animals (not so sure about cats - so lets say then dogs...) BUT ONLY while they are busy with the action that you disaprove of.
There, thats my 2cents worth!

Reply to WR
Posted by: Buffs | 2006/07/27

but do they really feel it will work or do they do it because they feel frustration with the animal and cant think of a better way to express it?

Reply to Buffs
Posted by: Purr | 2006/07/27

It's only popular with idiots that have a brain the size of a pea and the integrity of a bar of soap.

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