Posted by: pola | 2004/11/04


why do people get married if they still want to cheat? why don't you cheat first then get married to the right person?

common, ladiies and gents. lets chat

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Posted by: Rainbow | 2004/11/04

May you all go home and have a stunning HAPPY evening and remember that tomorrow is

God bless all

Reply to Rainbow
Posted by: Snooks | 2004/11/04


How on earth can you say that porn is responsible for cheating ai ai....not at all! If someone wants to cheat they will doesn't matter how or when!

And obviously you can't judge a book by its cover! Ander mense se boeke is duister!


Reply to Snooks
Posted by: Chelle | 2004/11/04

Amy - did you ever live in SA, prior to 1994? There was so little porn around - and believe me there were affairs. What exactly is your definition of porn?

Reply to Chelle
Posted by: amy | 2004/11/04

before porn was avaliable...when was the exact date???
Porn doenst have to be magazines or those awful videos...

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Posted by: Chelle | 2004/11/04

The real reason people cheat is because they cannot face up to the consequences of their actions. They decided to marry, and now can't face being faithful. They want sex outside the marriage, and then can't face losing the marriage. So, the lie and cheat and never take accountability. Like sometimes you'd swear that people were dragged down the aisle, or forced into the affair etc as though they are powerless.
It's not only about lust either (although sometimes it is). It's often about power, conquering, self esteem, ego etc.

Reply to Chelle
Posted by: D nice | 2004/11/04

I believe if you are capable of cheating as a man or woman be capable enough to respect the other person's feeling and end the relationship.True love does not have room for lying, cheating and all sorts of unnecessary hurts.

Reply to D nice
Posted by: Chelle | 2004/11/04

People cheated before porn was available. Cheating has absolutely nothing to do with porn at all.

Reply to Chelle
Posted by: Juzlisen | 2004/11/04

Whether you cheat before of after is still disgusting - do not get involved with involed people and do not get into "relationships" if you cannot reman faithful in all aspects to one partner - life is about choices at the end of the day.

Reply to Juzlisen
Posted by: Q | 2004/11/04

Hey Kay carefull with that one stranger things has happend!!!

Reply to Q
Posted by: Kay | 2004/11/04


Like you say - whatever makes you happy. Different folks and all that. I still find your belief that porn can be the cause of unfaithfulness entirely unjustified. Thats like saying watching horror movies makes you want to be a seriel killer.

Reply to Kay
Posted by: Bug | 2004/11/04

well what ever makes you happy at the end of the day - personally i think its disgusting to allow a spouse to perv over another and then get all excited for you...mean while it was the others body they are lusting over and using you to satisfy them...

I dont get that, would make me feel special?

Reply to Bug
Posted by: Kay | 2004/11/04

Absolutely! And honey - it makes my marriage to a wonderful man secure - and certainly spices up our sex life.

Reply to Kay
Posted by: Bug | 2004/11/04

Kay pls dont tell me you are one of those shameful people that watch that rubbish...???

Reply to Bug
Posted by: Kay | 2004/11/04


If you really think that porn is the reason people cheat then I give up.

Polla - if I knew the answer to that ques I'd bottle it and sell it and make my trillion before I reach 35.

Reply to Kay
Posted by: DC | 2004/11/04

I suppose the perpetrators do not find it as "thrilling" before marriage, as they do during.

Totally disgusting.Before and during, I mean.

Reply to DC
Posted by: bug | 2004/11/04

BECAUSE porn is so easy to see and get these days for people!!!

Reply to bug
Posted by: las | 2004/11/04

lots of reasons why....

people dont fully commit to each other when married these days...if the it gets to tough they get divorced its way to easy for them....

They arent open with each other about there feelings and dont talk about things with there spouses and this leads to secrets and secrets eventually lead to sin - cheating...

People are to LOSE these days and see SEX as a normal thing to do in relationships where its design for a husband and wife who are pure with each other... but the way the world is everyone is sleeping around now and mess themselvves up...

So when they eventually decide to get married they have such a build up of failed realtionships ..cheating becomes easy

Reply to las
Posted by: Demon | 2004/11/04

You are now on dangerous grond!!!!!! PEOPLE CHEAT for verious reasons and candy coute it with my partner does not understand, or is druale, or treats me bad OR THE BEST ONE DOES NOT GIVE ME ANOUGH ATTENSION!!!!! Man looking at the state of the moral fiber of the world it is now wounder that it has become standard practic in most marrages/ relationships!!!

Sad sad state of affairs!!!

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