Posted by: Just wondering | 2009/11/30

Where are the quality women? Where do I meet them?


Not quite sex related, but it does lead to it right? I' m a young professional guy, with a qualification respected world wide.

I' ve met a lot of different people this year. Been on a few dates, but i' m still single.

I' m struggling to meet a quality woman. I' m reflecting back on the past year and realised that i' m definately going to the wrong places.

When I look back on the dates i' ve been on, I realise that ALL these woman lack ambition or just aren' t going any where in their life.

Honestly? I know that we are not all given the same opportunities, but surely, if you want to study further in life etc you could obtain a student loan? What' s stopping these people?

I reflect back on what i' ve done, maybe i' ve acted to needy or something on meeting a girl, but I realise I haven' t. They the ones that weren' t good enough for me - NOW please, don' t go and comment that i' m some arrogant SOB... i' m not. ok, maybe a little. Why can' t I find my equal? Or at least a blonde with big t**s?

What must I do to change my perception? What I mean is, that if I meet a girl, and she isn' t a lawyer, a doctor, an accountant etc I should give her a chance? I have, it bombs!

I mean, I play by the rules, all my first couple dates I pay for the girl, however, what gets me most, is when the girl, doesnt even flinch when the bill comes, you know? Not even try and offer to pay? Where are these girls brought up? Am I just a meal ticket?

I play the game, three days after the number, two days after the first date blah blah... all these stupid things, everytime I think it' s gonna be different, it isn' t!

I' ve had the F-Bomb get dropped on me so many times, not a " do you wanna f**k?"  Ohhhhhh no, it' s the " lets be friends"  - so I try that, you know, being friends, but yet, I just don' t even get treated as a friend!

Anyway, that' s my rumblings for the week...

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you bring up some interesting and valid questions and remarks about the dating game and the different expectations of men and women in these circumstances and this discussion is probably left for a different forum.
In general though, men want sex now and love later. Women are the opposite they will give sex if they get love. If you keep that in mind it might resolve some of your issues. good luck

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Posted by: Sal | 2009/12/07

My God- if you boys are who you say you are - where are you hiding. I think money is an important factor, l' ve learnt that from my parents not having any. Just be careful not to be too flashy- it doesn' t impress, good luck finding " the one" !!!

Reply to Sal
Posted by: man | 2009/12/02

easy no dude you obviously didn' t read my post correctly...its actually the complete opposite dude.....what i suggest you read Viv and Bee,s post and then you tell me the common denominator between the two...dude

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Posted by: Eazy | 2009/12/02

reading yr post it seems money is yr main motivation dude, if that is wat makes u luv someone i feel sorry for u

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Posted by: MAN | 2009/12/02

YE RIGHT BEE wont marry for you and VIV will say that looks don' t count right..

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Posted by: Bee | 2009/12/02

Most women want a man who is selfsustaining and chivalry is not gone out the picture. I am a career woman and earn my own bucks, but expect a man to pay for a meal and outings (unless he is short of bucks at the time). I also want a man who can spoil me and take me out, and was raised to believe a man is the provider, protector and handyman.
I wont marry for money though, precisely coz I can support myself quite well, and wont marry someone whom I have to support, no matter how good his personality.

Reply to Bee
Posted by: man | 2009/12/02

ye right s dont count...sure.

Reply to man
Posted by: Viv | 2009/12/01

I am glad to report that I am an accountant. I am highly qualified and would never date such a self-absorbed man like you. I am alos looking for a man. A good man. A man that' ll treat me right, love me unconditionally, a man I can trust and rely on, a good friend and a good father, a man that loves and fears God. I don' t care what they have to their name or how many zero' s are reflecting on their bank statements.

Reply to Viv
Posted by: MAN | 2009/12/01

OK guys more or less in the same boat ,but not so self absorbed....listen i don' t and wont expect any woman to ever pay for anything as thats not what a woman' s function is....iam old school and a woman is ia gift to be handled with care ,love and respect...each woman is different and has her own personality,which you shouldn' t change because its unique in its own way....but saying that i wish i could meet someone who will love me and not my thing iam sure of ...that will never happen...its so sad...thanks and goodbye...

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Posted by: woman | 2009/12/01

You need to decide what you want from a partner, what your needs are, your desires are. How you want your future to look. There is such a thing as the perfect partner for every person. Much too often people settle for 2nd best. much too often people decide that the person is not precisely what they want, but they are too scared to leave an unsatisfying relationship because they don' t want to be alone. This is why the divorce rate is so high, this is why there are so many people who just stick it out in relationships where they are not sexually, personally, mentally, emotionally satisfied.

You will not find the type of woman you want by hanging out in bars or trying internet dating sites. I would suggest to you to look to your friends'  partners. Your friends are probably in the same class as you. This means that their partners will be in the same class as you. This means that their partners friends will be in the same class as you. Take a friends'  partner into your confidence. Ask her if she has friends she could suggest as a possible partner for you.

The first couple of dates, you are sussing each other - and yes, if she doesn' t pay, you should pay. This is why it' s called the dating game. And you seem like a gentleman. The type of class of women you are looking to date does not pay, because they were not raised to pay for anything. They were raised to become the supporting wife of a successful man. If this is not what you want, you' ll have to date a different class of woman, unfortunately.

I hope this helps in terms of clarity.

Reply to woman
Posted by: wth | 2009/12/01

OMG...get a life!! Read your post you' ve just answered your own question as to why you' re still single. Those woman dont need some " arrongant SOB"  like yourself..

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Posted by: Anon | 2009/12/01

Nobody' s perfect, your expecting too much. Let it come naturally and you will find the one for you or she will find you.

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Posted by: ?????????????? | 2009/12/01


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