Posted by: Cleo! | 2013/02/04

Where are Single men hiding?

miss being loved and love. i miss being the important special person in someones life. I miss to have a companion, a friend i will talk to about my happiness, my worries, how my day was. I miss to fall asleep in the hands of someone special. I miss being spoiled on my birthday. I miss holding hands, walk in the park, shopping with someone special. I miss being taken out to a fancy restaurant. I miss watching movies.
But i am alone, i feel lonely. Its just myself and the kids.
I am ready to move on with my life but really where do one start, how do you meet single men? where are the real partners? someone who will not put myself into the hell again? I''''ve been on dating sites but they just don''''t work for me.
" TAKEN FROM THE dIVORC SITE"  im on the same boat!

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Posted by: Amasi | 2013/02/05

Of course the story is made up from my head.

So, what do you say on polygamy?


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Posted by: Amasi | 2013/02/05

In another city this happened:
during birth 10 boys and 10 girls were born.

6 girls and 6 boys did not finish school while the other 8 both went to college and become successful.

Of the 6 GUYS
3 became thug and got arrested
1 became taxi driver
1 became petrol attendant
1 is still looking for work.

1 became a pro
1 became a cleaner at the company of those 8
2 are looking for work
2 a cashier at Woolworths

Remember, at first option these ten girls are hoping to date one of the 4 boys

1 thug dated a pro, she is now " working"  to support herself while he is doing time. She is hoping to get herself another man. Now she is dating a petrol attendant (of course he doesn’ t know her profession)
2 thug is not dating.
1 guy not working is dating 1 lady not working
1 taxi driver date a 1 cashier (transport for those odd hours)

Of the four successful guys, this is what happened
2 dates a successful lady
1 dates a cashier
1 has a problem: there are two successful ladies, one looking for work, one cashier. He has got to do something now, he date one successful lady and a cashier or unemployed.

At the end we have a problem
Successful guy has two ladies (this could be any of those guys)
Then there are two more ladies that has no one (cashier and successful)



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Posted by: Shozi | 2013/02/04

I wouldnt mind giving you my man right now and be in your shoes, REALLY

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Posted by: Motho | 2013/02/04

He bathong,

Mehlolo ha e fele, motho ke oo o skorile Friend.

for me sister my problem is that he is around 2 days in a month, when he i around those 2 days are goes fast and are very nice. but he rest of the days in a month he is giving that fun to other ppl. si i get u.

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Posted by: Friend | 2013/02/04

Would you perhaps want to be friends - just friends. We can just chat

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Posted by: Cleo | 2013/02/04

Im 32 years of age and have 2 kids.

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Posted by: Friend | 2013/02/04

How old are are and how many kids do you have?

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