Posted by: Bella | 2013/02/21

What to pack in a lunch Box?

Hi Mama''s

Please help my boy is tired of bread...any ideas of what to pack in his lunch box...something that is filling...lately he comes back home without even touching the bread...

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Posted by: Moi | 2013/02/22

You can also try the mini pizza''s from woolies as a Friday treat. They can be frozen, so 2 to 3 packs can last you a month.

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Posted by: Bella | 2013/02/22

Thanks Ladies..

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Posted by: Caroline | 2013/02/22

try provitas as well with whatever filling you prefer

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Posted by: Zion | 2013/02/21

Try Fish fingers&  chips, sausage rolls, french toast with melted cheese. I do understand you'' re frustration bread everyday its tiring. My daughter at least lately she doesn''t mind to take the food that we ate the previous night for supper but she only agrees to take spaghetti& mince. Sometimes instead of using bread also try bread rolls.

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Posted by: Bella | 2013/02/21

I have tried Hot dog PP hayke he does not like sauces at all sometimes he ask for tomato sauce....meatballs never tried but i will try them...cereal yes i make sure of that, they''re not cooking kwi aftercare yabo i pay a lot of money for aftercare but they dont even offer them aleast his lunch box i pack 2 slices, yogurt and 1 fruit and juice.

@ Mom he''s 6 years dear!!!

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Posted by: Pretty Pear | 2013/02/21

have u tried bread still in vienna roll with his favorite sauce...i do with my son so he doesnt think i pack same thing...
or meat balls...or what i do sometimes is pack everything but bread...but make sure he had proper cereal...cos anyway ko aftercare they cook for them

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Posted by: Mom | 2013/02/21

How old is your little one

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