Posted by: Completely Anon | 2013/02/15

What posseses people?!

What on earth drives people to make jokes about other people''s tragedies? What makes a person find humour in the death of innocent people? I am shocked at the fact that people are making jokes at the Oscar tragedy. I am shocked when they did it for Michael Jackson, and others. I find it distasteful, trashy and very disrespectful.

I have one friend on Facebook that I actually deleted, because he does this often. He makes stupid comments all the time about stupid things, but I was horrified when he put up a joke about this whole Oscar thing. Two people very dear to him (female) where murdered and their bodies found in very odd places, he is the last person I expect to make a joke about this.

I gave him a piece of my mind before I deleted him, told him it''s these kinds of jokes that perpetuate violence against women, told him that it''s distasteful to make jokes on the day the person died, can he not even imagine the feat and panic, would he have appreciated it if people had made jokes about his loved ones, etc.

Someone told me I was very harsh to say that, really???? So it''s OK to make jokes at other people''s expense but they can''t be taken to task about it?

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One possibility is that its a form of denial, not of what happened, but of how serious it was - a way of avoiding taking it seriously and acknlowedging the uncomfortable feelings the event produces in us.
Maybe this is illustrated by the fact that the guy you quote who is particularly tasteless about this, has had at least two ugly and tragic personal experiences of this sort.
I'm not sure whether such jokes increase the risk or diminish the seriousness of violence against women. The violent perpatrators don't seem to have any sense of humour and dont make jokes. They dont even seem to see their victims as worth joking about, let alone taking more serioualy than that.
And then, I suppose, when we speak of something being "distasteful", well, people's taste's differ, and some people seem to have no sense of good taste at all.
As Kelly implies, when there's something awful happens to celebrities, they're close enough as slebs for us to know them and talk about them, but generally distant enough for us not to actually feel much about them. And, as K says, they're somehow seen by many people as unreal as though they don't really bleed and hurt like the rest of us do.

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Our users say:
Posted by: Kwaaaa | 2013/02/15

And the oscar goes to.....

Reply to Kwaaaa
Posted by: kgee | 2013/02/15

being honest with u guys people are not the same plz dont judge one another i particularly dont like the jokes made by people with such painful things like that,bt im not suprised this the last days.but wat goes around comes around one it will be u or ur family instead of people feel symphanthy for u they will laugh at u,u will see terrible jokes on facebook or 2go hw will u feel?

Reply to kgee
Posted by: Purple | 2013/02/15

oh, and people did joke about his disability long before this incident (though when someone is an Olympic athlete, can you call it a disability?) - he was known as " the fastest man on no legs" .

Reply to Purple
Posted by: Purple | 2013/02/15

People often make jokes in the face of tragedy, it helps people cope. Its also very normal in cases with well known people.

You''re being a little bit oversensitive.

Yes, her family have been through a horrific tragedy and she has lost her life and what is looking more and more like a murder rather than a terrible accident as initially thought. Take heart that they''re probably not trawling twitter and facebook right now so probably aren''t seeing the jokes.

Reply to Purple
Posted by: Anon | 2013/02/15

At the very least the majority of the jokes I have heard are about him and not the poor girl who lost her life, such a beautiful girl, didn''t deserve what has happened to her whether by accident or on purpose. The people closest to her are probably to busy mourning to take notice or care about jokes right now.
I just cannot find it in my heart to symphatise with him and could care less if others want to be distasteful or insensitive about the matter.

Reply to Anon
Posted by: Just Saying | 2013/02/15

I couldnt agree more! No one would even dream of making fun of his disability prior to this tragedy, but all of a sudden it''s OK to make fun of his disability because of the events at hand. Sure talk about the tragedy and speculate all you want, but leave the sick jokes out of it.

Reply to Just Saying
Posted by: DAN | 2013/02/15


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Posted by: Pieta | 2013/02/15

Come on, come on girls - play nicely!
We all have done stupid things when being ''legless''!!

Reply to Pieta
Posted by: Jenna | 2013/02/15

Oh and Kelly, tell me honestly if you would not feel hurt if someone was making fun at your loss? Would you laugh along with the rest of the world, genuinely find it funny? Honestly now.

Reply to Jenna
Posted by: Jenna | 2013/02/15

I so agree. I think it is in extremely poor taste to make jokes, especially when a family is in mourning. And especially seeing that it is such a public case, surely the parents of Reeva will see the jokes being made at the death of their beloved daughter?

If it where my friend I also would have given him grief, he sounds exceptionally petty and pathetic.

Reply to Jenna
Posted by: Kelly | 2013/02/15

Sheesh lady abit too sensitive me thinks.
Read it dont read it, delete do not delete but dont take it so personal.
People do not usually joke when ordinary people are killed etc but somehow when it comes to celebs of sorts its kind of far from them and they do not see them as just ordinary people who also have family and friends who are in mourning and trying to get to grips with the whole situation.

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