Posted by: Lhalhi | 2004/12/06

What makes us cheat?

Hi everyone, I know I might sound stupid bt I'm inlove with a married man. I didnt know that he was married until I kissed him. I 've always have this crush on him bt I kept it to myself when I discovery that he feels the same I thought why not go for him.
A week after our first date, he told me he was married.
I told him that we couldnt do it coz it will be too much forme to handle and he unbderstood. Few weeks after that we kissed and we had sex.
He's been married for 3yrs now he's got a 2yr old babe girl. Each and everyday I want him. I'm nt seeing anyone at the moment and I'm happy with him. I know I will get hurt at the end bt I'm willing to take the chance anyway.
I know innocent ppl will gat hurt here bt we are both adults and he knew the risks.

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Our expert says:
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I'm not going to enter into more discussions about why it is WRONG, ethically, morally, and in terms of your own happiness and that of others, to have an ffair with a married person, and/or AS a married person. This man is a slimeball, happy to use you for some fun sex, and to cause inevitable severe pain for an innocent wife and child.
You are NOT both adults, as you are both acting like selfish little kids ; and neither of you are the innocent people who will be hurt --- it's the wife and child who don't deserve this. Be guaranteed that when a new bit of fluff enters his life, he'll cheerfully dump you and go after her. He will NEVER treat yo better than he is already treating her.
Two such immature and selfish people deserve each other, but the wife does not deserve it.

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Posted by: socks | 2004/12/06

a 2yr old child looking up to her daddy - loving him as he is a object of safety and love towards her...

DONT you care that you are the one that is going to distroy this marriage and end up hurting that child beyond measure and not to mentio destroy her faith in family life!!!

I dont care if he came onto you - you have no future all he does is use you for SEX and then goes back to his family you may feel like there is a relationship but truly you are is prostitue and thats the fact!

He is of course say the right things to sleep with you...

I feel so sorry for that little girl who is so innocent in this after all she is apart of him and the wife - there was love there..that how she came into the picture...

What makes us cheat you say: its the weakness inside you wanting ot be accepted and doinging anything (you case sex) to be accepted.

would you love to meet the a truthful man, who can be your future happiness and build an awesome life with him... you aren giving the right man a chance as you keep being a prostitue to this marriied man...for al you know he will soon get bored of you and could easlier move one...thats how he meet you and could meet others too

Girl you have so much to offer in life not to be classifed as a mistress in a dirty relationship!!!

Mr right could be out there waiting around but for how long???

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Posted by: ZOZO | 2004/12/06

You are a sick little slut and you need help, professional help.
Find your own man.

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Posted by: Lhalhi | 2004/12/06

Ppl thanks for ur comments and I hope I will use some of them. I was nt looking for ur pity anyway, I just wanted to hear what ppl think. I know whats at steak here. I know if he lies to his wife he would lie to me a well.
I dnt want him to leave his wife for me and anyway. I'm very busy, I dnt have time to go on dates etc bt still I know that doesnt justify what I do, maybe I just need sex from him coz I know hes there for me when I need him.
I know what I'm doing here guys is unfair bt I know I'm nt the only one.
I have tried to resist this man, u ppl dbt understand. I never thought in my entire life I will do this. Everytime I think what it will do to his wife and kid makes me sick bt I hope they would never find out.

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Posted by: Chelle | 2004/12/06

See, if the wife had a say in this, then I'd say it's about ALL consenting adults, but wife is oblivious. Don't you think she has the right to know what's happening and that her loving husband is in fact not who she thinks she is.
As good as he can lie to his wife, so he can lie to you. Remember that.

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Posted by: CK | 2004/12/06

Its sluts like you that make every one think all women are sluts,
Get over yourself. You say you want him every day and every time. Well let me tell you bitch, you aint going to have him whenever you want. Because guess what he has a family.

Or maybe you think he is going to leave his wife and child for you. DREAM ON HEY. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE

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Posted by: Cindy | 2004/12/06

You are self centred and so is he. Do you actually know what damage you will cause if his wife one day finds out about your affair. If you know that innocent people will get hurt then why do you carry on. If you want to make it right, I suggest you tell him to get lost and find yourself someone who is single. He obviously doesn't think much about his wife or marriage and I personally don't have time for people like the both of you.

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Posted by: PARIS | 2004/12/06

Are you trying to rid yourself of the guilt here, because it certainly does seem so?

Firstly, cant you see that this guy is scum for lying about his marriage status? You say you're happy, but you cant be very happy to come here in the first place to post this posting. Another reason why i dont believe you is because you say you want him every day. It's all obviously getting a bit much for you.

How can you be happy with yourself when you are fine with the idea that a 2yr old will lose her daddy, and a marriage will ultimately be destroyed because you couldn't say no?

I pitty people like you (i really do) just remember the wheel of life turns slowly. As for this guy, i pitty his wife, that she has to be stuck with a man who lies and cheats on not only her but you too.

If you are looking for some one to ease your guilt and tell you what you're doing fine, you've come to the wrong forum and i think you'll quickly find that out with the responses you get here.


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Posted by: Zee | 2004/12/06

U are one of the most selfish person I ve ever heard.

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