Posted by: Scared | 2004/01/13

What is happening to me?

I don't know what is happening to me but I am scared & my mother is convinced I am "possessed."
All my life I have been having vivid dreams-(I see clearly, in clolour, I smell, I feel, I taste) & they have come true after only 2 days. Its getting worse now-I have these "dreams" while I am awake. On Saterday I told my mother that I have the feeling someone we know-a family member-has died. We got a call yesterday & my grandmother had passed away on Saterday morning. I dreamt my brothers girlfriend would get pregnant & she did-then I dreamt she would have a miscarriage & 2 days later that is exactly what happened. I always get sick after these dreams-iether I wake up & I have a migrane or I throw up. My mother is very religious & she said that there is no way I can predict the future & I must be making these things happen!
She said that as a child when I talked "nonsense" she would give me medicine to make me throw up-"To get the evil out of me." Mental illness runs in my family-although no immediate family members have it & my mother says that she thinks I may be going crazy-am I going crazy? Is what is happening to me "wrong" & am I making these things happen or am I "psychic"? Plz I am not joking-this is REALLY happening to me, I am serious & I am scared!!! IS there anyone out there who can help me? If I am psychic is there anyone who can train me to use this in a positive way?

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageCyberShrink

Dear Scared, Relax. For a start, there is absolutely no way in which you are causing any of these things to happen. You are not possessed, and there is nothing demonic at play here either. You may be a specally sensitive person, able to pick up, even without realizing it, hints and clues which others don't notice, and to draw often accurate conclusions. And it is likely that you and others also, without realizing it, forget the occasions when you have such premonitions and it does NOT happen the way you expected it. We tend to notice and remember the amazing coincidences when you are right, because it's far more interesting.
It also sounds as if your mother's religious fanaticism and odd beliefs ( those medicines being given to a child is not a normal part of ANY proper religious beliefs ) and this would have conditioned your experiences, expectations and interpretations of whatever happens around you.
I think it would be useful for you to see a psychiatrist for a thorough assessment, to see if there is any possibility of some disorder causing some of these ocurrances which trouble you --- for instance migraines can be related to some relevant problems which could be helped ; and he/she could reassure you that you're NOT going crazy, even though it may feel like it at times. He'she should aos be able, objectively, having checked out the other logical and physical possible explanations for your experiences, to advise you on whether there is also anything else going on, and how to get appropriate help to handle these experiences fruitfully

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Our users say:
Posted by: eve | 2004/01/14

people who think you are possessed are truly old fashioned ... you have a special "talent" it sounds very scary but it shouldnt be i think the only reason you feel scared is because your mom has made you feel like it is something evil and bad, it is special. do what cyber doc has said and maybe you will feel better about the "6th sense" that you have . good luck and let us know of the outcome

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Posted by: Nicki | 2004/01/14

Dont b scared of something that u r blessed with and u r not causing the events to happen. Our paths in life are already set and we are just playing them out, u just have the window of knowing what the next chess move is.
As to 'B', B appears to suffer from the same ignorance that ur mom suffers from. 'If its not normal then it has to be demonic'.
Kids are born into this world remembering their past lives, does that mean those innocent children are demonic. They are just special and so are u.
I agree with Paul, maybe do some read ups on Extra Sensory Perception or try and get in touch with someone who has done research on the topic.
Not everything in the world is black and white and not everything in the world has an explanation, so dont be scared of things that u dont know.

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Posted by: Paul | 2004/01/13

BS, God will not allow Demonic blah blah to be passed to an innocent child. B you live with flaps over your eyes.

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Posted by: B | 2004/01/13

Blessed?> HA HA HA this is demonic you need to be set free from this, basically what has happened is that this "thing - call it what you want" has been passed down from your blood line and is now manefsting itself in you. You need to go to a church and let a pastor pray for you - the more you "practice" it the stronger it will get - sort it out now before it takes over your life

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Posted by: Paul | 2004/01/13

Posssesed - Bollocks. Have a good read up about Extra Sensory Perception, it is something that does exist (Despite science's denial for lack of scientific proof).

All our senses have an extra sensory partner ie.

Sight - claivoyance.
Touch - empathy etc etc you are not possesed you are rather blessed.

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