Posted by: Anon | 2013/02/15

What do I do?

Hello guys. can you please advice me, I am currently in relationship with this wonderful guy who adores me, from November last year.
He loves me so much and treats me like a queen. he does everything for me and the love making part is to die for, he even says that he want to spend the rest of his life making me happy and making sure that i''m safe and well taken care of. But now the problem is that.....I do not love him, I just like him and enjoy his company maybe as a friend but i do not have any intimate feelings for him. when we started I thought maybe as the days go by i will develop some feelings for him but i dont....he is the one who loves me more everyday. And now i" m afraid to tell him that coz it will break his heart. He is sensitive, kind and trustworthy. Please help me i dont know what to do. one part ome wants to tell him and let him go but another part just wants to keep him and try to develop some feelings some how.

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Posted by: Man | 2013/02/15

Well women... I don''t have advise knowing the kind of snakes that are women... Oneday ur this lovIing nywerenywere creatures and the other days ur just the devil herself. ''m sure the guy has a room for dissapointment as he knows that he is playing with fire.

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Posted by: Pretty Pear | 2013/02/15

He proberbly left someone in Nov for you...Karma is a b*...DUMP him and dont even feel bad...aim is to look for happiness and be selfish these days...

Follow your heart sweety...
If there''s one thing i know about men they do not compromise think what he would do if he were in your shoes...

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Posted by: Theo | 2013/02/15

Hahahaha.." the love making part is to die for"  and you have no intimate feelings for him? Maybe use harsh words like " the f.. part is to die for. I will understand.

Do not spare his feelings if you feel nothing for him. Rather let him find someone who loves him than you leading him on. He will recover with time if you break the news now than in marriage. You feel no love but apathy for him. Please don''t..

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Posted by: Woman | 2013/02/15

What i dont understand is why did you even agree to a relationship with this man in the first place? Should have been easier to state your stance to him from the word go. Now he is in too deep and you wanna through his love back at his face.

Well sisi i hope you do know what you want in a relationship. From the sound of this you have a good decent man right there whom you dont even deserve. Go hunt for the one you would be able to love. Maybe its best to break his heart now than cheat on him later.

Whatever you do i suggest you think long and hard about this and be sure of your decision and prepared to live with it.

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Posted by: Me | 2013/02/15

I beg to differ - how can you force yourself to feel something you don''t? In the long run you will stop even liking him, he will irritate the hell out of you and you will be stuck - in a marriage that has no passion. Passion, emotion - those thing are important if you are to spend your life with a person. What will you gain by SETTLING. You may be in a relationship but still feel very LONELY coz you are not feeling anything for the person, you are just keeping him for the sake of having SOMEONE, anyone. Can you even stand to kiss someone you don''t have feelings for? That''s why there is a distinction between friends and lovers.

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Posted by: Exactly | 2013/02/15

Wine2003, I couldn''t agree with you more!


Ngiyema lapho.

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Posted by: Wine2003 | 2013/02/15

Sisi those who loves and adores us we don''t love them back. Those who plays us and emotionally batter us we run after them. Piece of advise, stay with the man who loves you more than you love him.

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