Posted by: :-) | 2013/02/05

what do i do?

i have two guys who are so crazy about me and they are both funny, successful in a nut shell they have the same personalities but the only problem is that the one is married and i find myself more drawn to him than the single guy.

Ok what really puts me off the single guy is that i don’ t think he’ s telling me the whole truth about his relationship status and i feel all he wants is sex then he''ll drop me like a hot potato yet the married guy is always so honest. Like he told me that his marriage is doing well so he''s not giving me falls hope. What so I do?

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Posted by: namthi | 2013/02/06

mfxm mara wena Themba awuqumi tu!

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Posted by: Bella | 2013/02/05

Temba my man hahahaahah sure boet,

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Posted by: Temba | 2013/02/05

Don''t decieve yourself, these guys are not crazy about you.They simply want to shag you. Give one of them the booty and see if things will remain the same. They won''t

Women mara, i rest my brief case again. Why do some vulnerable women always go for guys who make them even more vulnerable.

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Posted by: Shift | 2013/02/05

Sex with a married man is a big no-no never ever do it, you get this from someone who has a baby with a married guy, worst mistake I ever made but I love the baby he gave me.

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Posted by: Petro | 2013/02/05

It would be great if " FUNNY and SUCCESSFUL"  were the only tributes to a happy relationship. You all living in cloud cuckoo land.

You dont fancy the single guy because you think he is not telling YOU the truth. Do you think for one minute that the married guy is telling his wife the truth? He will be capable of lying to you too! Ditch them both.

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Posted by: Anon | 2013/02/05

Both men want to sex you up and so are you.... it the same game (Triangle).

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Posted by: ...... | 2013/02/05

And didn''t some1 ask abt single guys the other day... Just out of curiousity, why do women ask 4 advice on cheating matters..There is no formula to make a success out of cheating, when the other party gets bored then is over.

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Posted by: Woman | 2013/02/05

String both of them along till you are sure which one to keep and which to ditch. You cannot find an answer here, asibazi thina bantu bakho. On a flip side though be prepared to loose them both though, it could lead to that.

If I were you I would keep the one more appealing to me. Sexually, intellectually and otherwise. Lucky fish! LOL

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Posted by: Abafazi | 2013/02/05

Yeka umzi wabantu ntombazana hey aniva ngokophula imizi yabantu bo, bayeke sisi bafuna ukulala nawe akho enye bayifunayo lady

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Posted by: HaPpY | 2013/02/05

& S your kind bores me to core, he he le thuba mitsi ya batho ever thought we all different and get attracted to different types of man.

Gal smiley it’ s not your fault the married man is attracted to you only you are responsible for your action. There are pros and corns with both man. For one personally i would be more hurt by the guy who claims to be single when he''s not because you will have invested a lot into that relationship, so my advice talk to him and make him aware of your doubts and fears about hooking up with him. As for the married guy he will be a sweetheart that’ s why he''s married he knows how to take good care of a woman but he will not leave his wife for you guess this line has been told a thousand times. Choice is yours and remembers sex is sex it doesn’ t make you less or more of a sinner if you sleep with a married or not married guy. Good luck there is no Mr Wright out there you create your own Mr Comfortable with...

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Posted by: Mandisa | 2013/02/05

They both only want you for sex sisi. If you happy then hang around. My advise tho would be to drop them both and start looking around again.

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Posted by: S& S... | 2013/02/05

Yekelani imizi yabantu! Hawu batho
Did you even have to ask about the married guy?
Nxx maan

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