Posted by: namthi | 2013/02/08

What can I do?

Okey I got a permanent job in 2011 june while there lobola negotiation were under way with my boyfriend of 5years, i GOT then we got married in 2011 August. I have a14 months old daughter. in October 2012 i lost my mom she was not working and i was assisted by my step grandma for my education.

Now my question is it my duty to take my younger brother to varsity?? I dont have money im still strugling my self oh I forgot I lost my sister in 2003 and she left a 4months old child then who is now 10 and after my mom death last year I had no choice but to take him and i now have that responsibilty and no assistance from his father that i dont mind cause he has never supported him

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Posted by: Woman | 2013/02/12

Apply for an EDU_Loan

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Posted by: Me | 2013/02/12

I hear you guys - she has to help, if she doesn''t then who will....but HOW? She literally has no money. She is already helping where she can and she has nothing left. She is willing but she has no means. The brother must just seat this semester out and hope for the loan he applied for to come through next semester. And he must look for a job as a waiter in the meantime to also help himself.

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Posted by: Namthi | 2013/02/12

Thanks Mary, I wish I could , im literarly unable to but everybody expect me finanace his studies and most unfortunately he applied late for NSFAS. mayb its the timing. i had to sacrifice even for my nephew coz Pretoria schools are expensive. im at peace with the fact that i dont have money to take him to varsity but my family thinks im refusing to help out. how do i tell them or must i show them my payslip? mayb they will get it.

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Posted by: Mary | 2013/02/12

Everything in life happens for a reason, like Zee say it will pay off in the long run, what if you brother becomes a very important person in this world, then you have done something good.

Sterkte suster

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Posted by: namthi | 2013/02/08

thanks alot guys @ Zoey i wish I cud i just dont have means, @ Amasi I hear you it is a right thing to do if only i had means @ Zee yes dear we have tried nsfas unfortunately he applied late so his application will be considered for next semester

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Posted by: Zee | 2013/02/08

There is Nasfas and student loans that you can assist your brother to get, for his education. Try the best you can for him to have a good education, otherwise he will always be your burden, come back and back for help.

If he is serious to study. Do what you can. the other small ones, do the best your can Sisi. It willl pay-off in the long-run.

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Posted by: Amasi | 2013/02/08

Duty? maybe not.
Right thing to do? Yes
if you dont? You wont forgive yourself and he will always come begging something from you.


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Posted by: zoey | 2013/02/08

Sisi ngabantwaba bakokwenu darly you have to take care of them if you not then who will take care of them

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