Posted by: Therien | 2013/01/15

What can I do ?????

I am 55 years old, I am totally mad about making love, the big problem husband is 59 years old and seldom get an erection and if he does it only lasts for seconds because the moment he reaches climax he turns soft. This is so frustrating because I dont climax, I did buy an vibrator but its no go for me as I love to feel the heat of the skin and the real thing....I love making love....So I have a buddy and he is 41 years old seeing him once a week having great sex....BUT I betrade my husband........what can I do ....please help me....

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Perhaps it would help to encourage your husband to continue to stimulate you eventhough he has climaxed. you may have to gently show him how. You could also perhaps encourage more foreplay so that you can reach orgasm first and then he can climax so that you are not left so frustrated. You can explain that you are not satisfied if left without this stimulation. You may find that with the improvement in your sexual relationship with your husband, you no longer need to visit your buddy.

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Posted by: de | 2013/02/05

i''m younger than you (36) but i can give satisfaction.
we can enjoy both of us just 1 /2 a week.

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Posted by: Chris758 | 2013/01/23

You see now you say what the problem is and I do understand how you feel. I am not judging you, I only told you how peolpe will react. It is selfish of him to enjoy himself and leave you high and dry and do not bring you to a climax.

To abuse you and to be the way he is, I now understand you looking for sex elsewhere!!


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Posted by: Therien | 2013/01/22

You know what Chris one thing is true .....yes it is wrong but let me tell you. I do absolutely everthing for him for the past 36 years, making breakfast, bathwater, put his clothes ready and even make sure that he have enough food for the day when he is out on the road. I am neat and work very very hard, but YOU tell me how can your verbally abuse your wife for so many years and she plea and plea and you just dont listen, you just go on and on and on. How on earth can I make love to such a man and the BIG thing is when he gets an erection that seldoms happen he just take everything for hom self and leave me like please go on judging me I really dont mind, I am so use to be judged ................just go on..............

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Posted by: Chris758 | 2013/01/21

Therien, I know she is happy.......but let me be honest with you. You were right it has nothing to do with me what you can sleep around, it doesn''t bother me. I was actually more concerned about your husband and what will happen to him when he finds out, and believe me he is going to find out!!

I am also 59 years old so I know about life and that it can destroy him if he finds out. Have you ever considered that he might have a health problem like diabetes or something that is blocking him?

Try and find out and help him!!

have a great day!!

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Posted by: Therien | 2013/01/19

maybe you hope she''s happy > > > > > > > > > > > 

Watch you back ...................!!!!!!

Reply to Therien
Posted by: sj | 2013/01/18

wish i could get an older lady like u....i mean at 55, i understand u ladies are soooo sexy and hot.....

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Posted by: Chris758 | 2013/01/18

Will never think I am God and I am not abusive, just answering your question. You are angry because you know you are doing wrong but speaking of God, you will have to explain oneday!!

Me, I have time on my hands to read some of the letters and just give an opinion. What you do with it is up to you. you did ask for help or advice. You read my opinion and really, you do not have to hate all men!!! Take note of my comment, ignore it, it is all up to you!!

And just for info to you, I treat my wife very good and she is happy!! I am not the bad person are!!!!

I hope when you and your buddy are at it, you will remember my comments!!!!

Reply to Chris758
Posted by: Therien | 2013/01/17

Discussion closed Chris is getting abusive > > > > > > > > >  MEN is always abusive !!!!!!!!!! Shame your poor wife........

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Posted by: Therien | 2013/01/17

Speak for yourself you think you are God ......keep out of this I spoke to the Doctor and not to YOU.

I really dont think you got something to do why hanging out here reading other peoples letters, shame , your are pathetic !!

Maybe your wife feels the same because you are all the time infront of the computor, not minding your own business.

Reply to Therien
Posted by: Lola | 2013/01/17

Hi Therien
Well I for one am thinking of doing the same as you...
My husband and I haven''t made love for more than 3 months, and before that about 6 months. I dont want to divorce for my childs sake, but miss making love. So why not get a buddy....
Hubby has had various crises, and after the last one I fell out of love, after 10 yrs of having to be the head of the house, the supporter, the strong one I cant do it anymore, the love got lost.

Reply to Lola
Posted by: Chris758 | 2013/01/17

If it is none of my business or anyone else''s why the hell do you brag or write about this on this forum? I do have a lot to do and one of the things is to tell you what you do not want to hear!!!!

The truth always hurts and what I tried to do is to help you to wake you up and to see what people think of you and what they will think of you once they find out about you and your buddy!!

Do you not feel guilty in any way or are you that selfish that you just care about your sexual fullfilment and have no feeling of what you are doing to your husband? Do you have any idea how this will influence his life if he finds out about this? If you have children what will they think of their mom?

You can be cross I really do not care but what you are doing is wrong and you will be called a slut by your husband if he finds out!!!!


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Posted by: Therien | 2013/01/16

This is none of you business Chris758 .....seems to me you got nothing to do go to hell for all I care

Reply to Therien
Posted by: Chris758 | 2013/01/16

And you go home to your husband every week after having sex with your f#$kbuddy and you feel great!!

You are actually a slut and looking for an excuse to warrent your sleeping around!! And they say men are bad!!!!!

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