Posted by: Nip-nip | 2006/10/31

What a Dog fight!!!!!

What i saw yesterday made me think twice about owning a Chow again in my life.
Yesterday after opening the gate our two female dogs(fox terrier and a Chow) started to fight.
My hubby was still waiting at the driveway while i was busy trying to put the dogs in their kennel,when the two dogs started to fight.i tried to scream at the dogs but the fight continued,my hubby heard me and came rushing to stop the fight which was a dangerous thing to do but couldn't.
My male dog (Stafordshire Terrier) tried to intervene by biting on the chow but with no luck.remember the Chow has a lot of fur more the Foxie and that made difficult to the male dog to bit her also.we tried putting water on them,using a broom stick but the chow was determined to kill the held her by the throat and that was the scary part of it,my male dog tried once more to retrieve the Foxie after the chow follwed her and start fighting more than ever.
i look helplessly at my hubby and my male dog trying to save the Foxie life.fortunately the Foxie managed to get under the Wendy house and the Chow couldn't fit in and that was the end of the fight.but she was running around the Wendy like a mad do indeed.the Foxie stayed iunder the wendy house until midnight despite the plea for her to come out.i slept in the wendy with the door opened sothat she can come in,i was calling her name through out the night since she is very close to me but couln't come until midnight.she has a broken leg but can eat this morning.although i separated the chow with other dogs,she looked sorry which is too late since she will be moving in with my collegue.i do love her and still wondering what do to when dogs fight each other.

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Most people who intervene in dog fights end up being bitten so be very careful. When yuo take hold of a g=dog that is fighting it thinks there is a big dog that has got hold f it and it turns on you not realising it is you. If the dogs don't get on they should be separated an dthis may mean giving one away or even having one of them put to sleep. I hope the vet could help the Foxy.

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Posted by: Blaah | 2006/11/01

i can tell you from personal experience that you do not place a terrier and a chow in the same home especially if they are both female.

it is disaster waiting to happen

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Posted by: Shane | 2006/11/01

This is indeed tragic...

I had to do the same thing when my Doberman atacked my Jack Russel... Also both females.. I gave away the Jack Russel to a female friend at work and everyrhing was sorted out. My Doberman and Min Pin live happely together now, also both females... The Jack Russel was just the instigator in the whole problem..

Hope the foxy is doing better soon!

Reply to Shane
Posted by: Melbalina | 2006/11/01

Oh, I"m so sorry to hear about this. How is your foxie doing? Shame, I can understand why you shouted at them - it's our first instinct. I agree with Chill. You need to cut off oxygen supply so the dog will let go (we had to do it with my hubby's pitbulls long ago). Hope your dogs overcome this experience soon and you and your hubby.

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Posted by: Chill | 2006/10/31

If they're really determined, water won't do a thing either. I found with my German Shepherds that the only thing was to lift the aggressive one up by her choke chain until she was literally unable to breathe and had no choice but to let go. This meant she had to keep her chain on all the time, which wasn't a good idea, and it also only works if the other dog is obedient enough to obey your command to leave, once the aggressor lets go - normally they're so hyped up that this also becomes

When the two dogs concerned are so different in size and strength, the outcome if you're not around is pretty well inevitably tragic.

As already stated, you're doing the right thing, separating the dogs - but don't blame the chow breed - this has little to do with the breed(s) of the dogs concerned.

You will also have to do some re-socialising of your injured dog once she heals up, or she's going to remain permanently afraid and traumatised. It's going to take some gentle understanding to get her right again.

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Posted by: JEN | 2006/10/31

How is your foxie. How is her leg. I have also found that screaming and shouting just sets them off even more and yet that is what we all seem to do. So you followed you instincts. I agree a load bang like a shock method helps but there is alway nothing around when you need it. Hope is all goes well.

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Posted by: Nip-nip | 2006/10/31

Thank you WR,maybe the hooter was going help since we tried the water and never worked.anyway my collegue doesn't have dogs i'm sure she will be happy there.

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Posted by: WR | 2006/10/31

Screaming and shouting is probably the worst thing to do, as that will let the aggressor think that you (as the 'pack-leader') are encouraging the fight. Stay calm, use a strong jet of water, or a bucket full, or any other thing that will give the aggressor a fright. The car's hooter would've (maybe) done the trick...who knows. Unfortunately dogs that are intent on killing/ hurting another can go into a kind of trance!
Many (most?) people on this forum are of the opinion that inter-female agresson is one of the most difficult things re dogs to try and sort out. I reckon you did the best thing by removing one of the females. Just make sure that wherever she is going now, there aren't any other females.
It is usually better to have only one dog of each sex. Sometimes more of the same sex work, but then the owner must either be good with his/her dogs and have an established hierarchy with him/her on top, or very lucky ~ usually both.

Keep well!

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