Posted by: DM | 2007/05/03

Weird dreams...

Dear CS.

I'm not sure if I should be posting this to you but you and your regulars seems to have good advises to people in need.
I had a dream -My dream was short but as follows:I saw myself in my mother's bed-in her bedroom(my mother past away) and I looked like I gave birth to two baby girls, the other one was bright in colour the other one was just normal black colour as me and I could feel I'm still tired because of being in labour. I'm not in a marriage yet and not seeing someone either and I keep dreaming about babies....does anybody now what this could mean, I feel the might be a messsage but I don't understand...pls help, many thanks & kind regards,DM

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I agree with JOhn. Almost all dreams actually have no meaning at all, they're produced as a jumble of things you remember, things's you've heard about, read, seen on TV, and are your brain's way of doing the equivalent of a defrag on your computer. At the very most, a recurring dream may suggest a theme that is worrying you --- so while this particular dream may not have hidden meanings, if you are frequently dreaming about babies, presumably, you are also by day thinking about babies, and perhaps wanting abies, or being worried that you might or might not become pregnant.
Occasionally, there seems to be a significan correlation between something you dreamed and something which happens, but that is a coincidence, and seems significant because we forget all the many thousabnds of times we dream about something that never happened, and remember only the one time there seems to be a similarity.
Some people do make a fuss about Symbolism, insisting that dreaming about X always means Y ; but even Sigmund Freud cautioned against overdoing this, and remarked that sometimes a cigar in a dream is just a cigar.

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Posted by: DM | 2007/05/04

Thanks all for all your good and soothing messages, I always viewed dreams as a warning sign for the future and with all respect, sometimes they happen the way we dream about them that's why if it's too complicated we suddenly get worried that something might happen in the future and there's a warning but we don't understand then we end up fussing about them and seeking the meaning as well...
Anyway, I quess if it's too complicated, I'll just pass, will simply accept the easier ones just as they come...

Many thanks & kind regards...

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Posted by: Assist | 2007/05/03


Do yourself a favour, go and visit dreammoods . com please don't see this as free advertising coz this might help you, this is a free medium aswell. Go and read about the history of dreams what causes dreams etc, it even has a dictionary to help you find the meaning of your dreams. you might have to break your dream up babies, birth, colours etc but it will help. in giving you an idea

Dreams do have meanings some little meaning others big. You may have unanswered questions, you might be needing change or even be going through a change in your life and your subconscience is aware of this. the site will help you alot. you can even, submit dreams that you cannot find meanings too.

Let me know

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Posted by: John | 2007/05/03

DM, don't fret about it. Despite the tons of garbage that so-called experts write about dreams (and the gullible public that buys them), dreams have no meaning at all. The part of sleep where one dreams is called Rapid Eye Movement (because as you are dossing and dreaming, your eyes move around behind your closed eyelids which is highly diverting to watch) and is essentially when your brain is throwing the leftovers of the day's thoughts out of the backdoor. Dream analysis and interpretation has a rich history and many quacks have made comfortable lives out of 'intepreting' dreams.

Think about it this way: if a dream is a message (from whom - the future?) why on earth would they pass the message to you in such heavily coded images that you do not understand and when you are least able to process the damn thing properly? Some Freudian and Jungian psychoanalysts still use dream symbols (for example, if you dream about a train going into a tunnel then this symbology is sexual in nature - but then again, with Freud everything was about sex or your mother) but, by and large, dream interpretation is a circus side show.

Of course, both you and I know someone who will say "I dreamed about so-and-so and the next day I heard that they died" or "I dreamed about my father and he was trying to tell me something". As intriguing as this is, and as gripping midnight tales they are great, but, happily, dreams are meaningless. Think of them as uncontrolled thoughts expressed in images. Beneath the thin layer of dream pixels, there is nothing.

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