Posted by: CP Mom | 2005/11/18

Weekend away ; NE

Hi all

Was on a course the whole week, exhausted!

Just want to say that I called Woodlands on Wednesday and cancelled this "test" weekend....couldnt do it.

How do you leave your kid which is your responsibility and turn your back and walk away ? I cant.....

I've always taught Ne when I say "Love you" to say it back sometimes she doesnt then I pull a sad face and she laugh's and slaps me playfully...This morning while I was making coffee out of her own she said "Loose you" which is her way of saying love.... :-)) what a feeling hey ? What a feeling...

Have a good weekend all !

Love Mom

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I tend to agree with Adult CP --- I don't see my recently acquired disability as making me any more "special"
than I was before, and prefer people to be realistic about it, rather than coy.
Have a great weekend, CP Mom, Ne, and all !

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Our users say:
Posted by: Aletta | 2005/11/18

Jy is maar net 'n ma CP Mom, kan nie jou rug op Ne draai en dan die naweek geniet nie. Dis 'n siekte waaraan alle goeie ma's ly, en jy is een van hulle!

Reply to Aletta
Posted by: Trouble | 2005/11/18

Thank you CP mom for telling me about Ne your "special" child.

Reply to Trouble
Posted by: Trouble | 2005/11/18

Struck a nerve have I, shame. My father was a "special" needs father I never looked at him as being disabled, it's a horrible word. Hey, you know what you stick to what you believe and I will do this same. Cheers!

Reply to Trouble
Posted by: CP Mom | 2005/11/18

Spastic is the only way sometimes to explain what is wrong with them as people do not know what Cerebral Palsied means.

When Ne was over a year my sister was telling the joke about the "ROOMYS KIND" and as she got to the punch-line she realized that Ne had it..and she looked at me and I said "ag dont worry it's still funny"

One has to learn to take these things....I just get de moer in when I walk with Ne in a centre and they ask me for money for the disabled when I'm walking with a disabled kid.....

Reply to CP Mom
Posted by: H o T | 2005/11/18

I have 3 DISABLED people in my life and let me tell you something it's you normal people who have a problem with calling the disabled, disabled because they sure don't.

The word they hate is RETARD.

Reply to H o T
Posted by: Trouble | 2005/11/18

H o T, you lived with and loved a "special" needs person, thought not, hear them cry through being called "disabled" "spastic" "that cripple"...just go away and come back when you know what you are talking about.

Reply to Trouble
Posted by: CP MOM | 2005/11/18

Sorry - you get people like CP Adult who's mentally 101 % :--)) and then just physically disabled Ne is both.

She's 8 but has some abilities like a 3 year old and other's like a 4 year old and others like a 2 year old.

She cannot stack blocks
She cannot speak more than 3 words per sentince (look at that, Ek soek kos, Ek soek juice and her favourite zulu word "umfuni" - I dont want)
She cannot thread beads
She goes to the loo on her own but can only pull up the one side of her panties and pants up coz the other hand does not work so lekker
She eats with one hand only so the bowl moves around all the time or if she holds it when eating ice-cream her disabled hand pulls it to the side and she spills on her lap - it's a constant worry if she'll mess or hurt herself.

This morning I got to the kitchen and she'd taken last nite's cooked chips and throughn (eish da spelling) in the pan of oil that was still on the stove and was very chuffed with herself....I was pleased that she saw how I cooked it but imagine I was away and the pan was cooking ?

She's got the will to do things, she was still crawling at the age of 3 and I was getting impatient with her coz she could not do something and I threw it she crawled to it picked it up and brought it back to me to do....I felt soooo bad.

But that's life. I've met cp's who's parents treated them as if they are idiots and cannot do anything for themselves and I've met cp's who's parents refused to believe that there is a problem with them....I trie to handle a middelweg. There is no handbook on how to raize such a child coz EVERY SINGLE CP is different, so it's trial and error!

Reply to CP MOM
Posted by: CP Mom | 2005/11/18

CP stands for Cerebral Palsy. Ne has hemi-palsy if I can put it simple. Which effects her one side.

You can have it either at the top
or at the botom or the left or the right. Ne's is her right side.


Yes CP Adult I know I need a break but I just cant.

Reply to CP Mom
Posted by: H o T | 2005/11/18

Special is just you normal guys trying to be nice.

I'm with you Adult CP.

Reply to H o T
Posted by: Trouble | 2005/11/18

Sorry Adult CP, but children with "special" needs are special in more ways than one.

Reply to Trouble
Posted by: Adult CP | 2005/11/18

Hi Trouble,

I am a physically disabled adult and there is nothing "special" about me. I have a disability and that is the bottom line. A disability remains a disability what ever name to want to call it. When I was a child I was called a cripple or spastic. It just means my body is not what it should be. I would rather be know as disabled person than a "special" person!

Most of us disabled people can deal with being known as a CP a Para, a Quad an, Amputee, etc.....

Reply to Adult CP
Posted by: mango girl | 2005/11/18

Good for you CP mom,

God did not give you that gift for you to go away for weekends without her. I am disabled myself and I also have a 22month old baby and there is nothing as nice as hearing him say.

Mommy dove you...........mommy love you.

Imagine the distress you child feels when you go away. through the eyes of a child that must be disertion.

You go girl and well decided.

Reply to mango girl
Posted by: Trouble | 2005/11/18

CP mom, I have read, from time to time, your posts about Ne. Hope you don't mind me asking, but I am still rather new to the forum, how old is she and what is actually "special" with her. Don't want to use the ugly words like "disabled" and the like. I worked with children with "special" needs and these children, to me, are a gift from God. :=)

Reply to Trouble
Posted by: Adult CP | 2005/11/18

Hi CP Mom,

Shame I do understand that you feel you cannot leave Ne. But on the other hand you must also think of yourself sometimes. Being a mother does not mean you have to be a slave to you child, even if she is disabled. For your own good you need a break from her sometime in the future, but only you can decide on when the time is right.

Have a wonderful week end.

Reply to Adult CP

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