Posted by: Banna | 2013/02/13


I got dumped over the weekend because my puna was too tight for him. He told me straight in my face he cannot be with someone he come be comfortable with sexually. I''m currently 30, he even went as far as comparing me with the 22 yr old he slept with and his d* didnt struggle. Clearly something is wrong with me!

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Posted by: FocusST | 2013/02/13

That is why I date izigogwana because they got grip, they are imbobo engenamkhawulo.

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Posted by: Theo | 2013/02/13

Banna, he fact that you gave him a grip and he cum quickly proves to me that he suffers ED. He is not man enough to admit his problem and deal with itbut to apportion blame on you.

Low life ED man. Let me him go and sort out his ED with the 22 year old who cannot even complain that his 2 sec sex is pathetic.

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Posted by: Ntate | 2013/02/13

For what its worth Banna, just know that he is 1 in many who thinks that " too tight and gripped"  is bad.

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Posted by: Petty | 2013/02/13

He just doesnt know how to love a woman, period!!!

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Posted by: Banna | 2013/02/13

Venting is good, feeling much better.
He claims i gripped him thats why he came too quick and i must understand he''s ruff by nature :-O i gave him a piece of my mind hle

at singleliving again

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Posted by: Ntate | 2013/02/13

What type of a man is that?Like ... said, a slap across the eyes and point to the door as soon as he is able to see after the sting...

For whatever reason he was breaking up with you for, would have been better than the nonsense and insults he told you. Damn, punks like these p*sses me off.

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Posted by: Amasi | 2013/02/13

This is the first.
Normally guys complain that it is too loose, which has led ladies to do kegels!

In his case the problem is simple, he did do enough foreplay to get you extreemly wet as when wet all is smooth.

I know what you are thinking, " getting a vibe that is extra thick''. I dont know if it will help


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Posted by: me me | 2013/02/13

Maybe he cant handle you. Maybe he wants to be in control.
He has a big ego. Let him go to the 22 yr old.

You deserve much better

Good luck

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Posted by: .... | 2013/02/13

At 30mand u still entrtain nonsense like that... That man is a small boy u should have just given him a hot klap and told him to voet*ek

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Posted by: Temba | 2013/02/13

You know what my sister, us guys can be stupid sometimes. The difference between guys and girls is that guys make sex and women make love. There''s a lot more involved in love making other than genitals which tends to be the focal point with us guys. There''s caressing, touching, kissing and hugging. It''s wrong for him to compare you with some 22 yr old who''s put on mileage. Don''t feel sad and blue my dear. There''s nothing wrong with you, it''s just that you met a sucker.And suckers are born every minute. If he really loves you he wouldn''t have cared whether you are tight or not . This is the same phenomen when women are complaining about mens penises.

You women sometimes make feel like i can pull my hair out.( it''s a pity i don''t have hair and i''m spotting a chiskop). You always sell yourselves short and you are too quick to give the booty to every Tom, Dick, Julius and Harry.

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